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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

How a literal war would play out between Alberta and Saskatchewan

quote [ Peace has returned to the Canadian prairies. After Saskatchewan suddenly banned Alberta license plates at provincial construction sites, an escalating interprovincial trade war has been averted at the 11th hour thanks to a climbdown by Regina.

Despite this welcome détente, what would happen if Saskatchewan and Alberta ever reach a future impasse so great that it led to armed conflict? ]

I'm in Winnipeg and I didn't know this was happening. A stupid article to cap off a stupid dispute. Something something Riders were 2 for 3 against the Stamps last year.
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Thursday, 12 October 2017

Law society's new policy compels speech, crossing line that must not be crossed

quote [ A recent message almost made me choke on my sandwich. “New obligations for 2017” was its subject line, “Actions you need to take.” All lawyers, it said, must prepare and submit a personal “Statement of Principles” attesting that we value and promote equality, diversity and inclusion. ]

I wonder if this has anything to do with the C-16 debates?
Another perspective: LSUC implements reporting requirements for diversity and inclusion
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Thursday, 21 September 2017


quote [ I enjoy creating new visualizations for matters related to nuclear history and nuclear security. ]

See how your community would survive a nuclear attack. You can even select factors such as air vs. ground detonation, wind, and type of bomb.

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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Jordan Peterson: Chaos (and Order) at McMaster University

quote [ The "panel discussion" at McMaster University Friday March 17th 2017. Overcome The Gap (OTG), the McMaster club who hosted me went forward courageously with the talk, despite experiencing substantial pressure to cancel. They did their best to regulate the event, but the protestors entered the room before the event technically started. ]

I find a lot of truth in Peterson's words here and I think this debate is quite important, and would love for it to continue in the comments. This is not a "LOL stupid protesters" post, rather I feel this video accurately portrays the environments that I and all my peers, which includes the protesters, are attempting to learn in.

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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Sam Harris and Gary Kasparov The Putin Question

quote [ In this episode of the Waking Up podcast, Sam Harris speaks with Garry Kasparov about the problem of waning American power, the rise of Putin, the coming presidency of Donald Trump, computer chess, the future of artificial intelligence, and other topics. ]

Very partisan but it kinda makes up for that neat Putin stuff I posted a while back. Also they do get into AI towards the end if any of you are into that sort of thing.
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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

New microscope technique offers a better way to measure magnetic field of individual atoms

quote [ A team of researchers at IBM has developed a new way to measure the magnetic field of individual atoms that offers 1000 times the energy resolution of conventional techniques. In their paper published in the journal Nature Nanotechnology, the team describes their approach, how well it works and their hope that they will be able to modify it in such a way as to allow others with less specialized hardware to use it. ]

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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Every Plane Flight in the World Over One Year

quote [ This globe displays one year of global air passenger traffic. The data comes from modeled estimates compiled for the Vector-borne Disease Airport Importation Risk project. In 2010, the year for which the data was modeled, there were roughly 30 million commercial flights around the world carrying about 2.8 billion passengers.

In the graphic, the air passenger flows are visualized as 1.4 million particles — each one representing 2,000 passengers. Airports are shown as purple spheres, with their size denoting total passenger traffic over the year. ]
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Monday, 6 March 2017

Wahida Mohamed Al-Jumaily

quote [ Better known as Um Hanadi, she leads a 70-strong militia in the fight against Isis in the recently liberated town of Shirqat.

The militia leader, who describes herself as a "housewife," has published a photo on Facebook appearing to show her carrying a severed head, and another showing two severed heads in a cooking pot. ]

A little old but the war is still going, so it is still topical. I have a lot of conflicting thoughts on this one.

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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Yuval Noah Harari on the Rise of Homo Deus

quote [ Using his trademark blend of science, history, philosophy and every discipline in between, Harari argues in his new book 'Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow', our values may be about to shift again – away from humans, as we transfer our faith to the almighty power of data and the algorithm. ]

In history because he is a historian. Also here is a previous discussion:
Yuval Noah Harari on the myths we need to survive
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Saturday, 4 March 2017

The importance of being Charlie

quote [ If there is no satire, there is no democracy’, says Gérard Biard, the editor-in-chief of French satirical journal Charlie Hebdo. And he, of all people, ought to know how fragile is the existence of both. ]

A look at the aftermath of the Je suis charlie stuff. But more a look at the importance of satire in our society.
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