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Sunday, 5 April 2020

Victorian Taxidermy Animal Hats

quote [ This particular craze is perhaps an extension of the overall fascination with taxidermy, and the ways in which the Victorians pushed creative boundaries with the controversial practice. Complete tableaux featuring dead bunnies studying in a library, for example, were all the rage, and giving the animals human characteristics after death — reading, having tea, playing croquet — was especially popular. ]

This tender taxidermy trophy of the bereaved
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Saturday, 4 April 2020

How we recovered over $300K of Bitcoin

quote [ Story time! Around twenty years ago, I was working as a reverse-engineer and cryptanalyst for AccessData while getting my Physics degree at BYU. It was the late 90s and early 2000s. ]

Ha. They built a little graphic so that people felt they were getting more for their money.
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This Is Not the Apocalypse You Were Looking For

quote [ Social democracy is being reinstated in a hurry, because—to paraphrase Mrs. Thatcher—there really is no alternative. ]

Thoughtful piece this one.
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How Medieval Artists Saw Elephants: Claws, Hooves, Trunks Like Trumpets, and Castles on Their Backs

quote [ The artists had apparently never seen elephants, but they featured prominently in bestiaries ]

Emerged god's ensanguined bestiaries
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Friday, 3 April 2020

At Greek refugee camp, there are few defenses against COVID-19 threat

quote [ Human rights activists and medical nonprofits are calling on the Greek government to evacuate overcrowded refugee camps on islands in the Aegean Sea, where an outbreak of COVID-19 would likely cause humanitarian catastrophe. Concerns are especially grave regarding Moria camp on the island of Lesbos. Special correspondent Malcolm Brabant reports. ]

This was inhuman for the last decade – especially leaving it to Greece to do the dirty work – but the current political hesitation to get these people out is unbearable.
They're already closing off access for helpers while not being able to even sustain water supply.
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Eastern Sports and Western Bodies: The “Indian Club” in the United States

quote [ Although largely forgotten today, exercise by club swinging was all the rage in the 19th century. Daniel Elkind explores the rise of the phenomenon in the US, and how such efforts to keep trim and build muscle were inextricably entwined with the history of colonialism, immigration, and capitalist culture. ]

Swings a club and stinks something awful
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Amazon executives privately insulted a warehouse worker, then attacked him on Twitter

quote [ The worker helped plan an NYC warehouse strike ]

interesting look into union busting

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Agent USA gameplay (PC Game, 1984)

quote [ Gameplay for Agent USA, Dos PC game produced by Scholastic in 1984 - Wandering around looking for a fuzzbom... ]

I just nostalgia hard about this game that taught me the importance of virus spread when I was a wee kiddo

It’s called agent USA

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Thursday, 2 April 2020

I had to get my father's affairs in order. You do too.

quote [ Ideally, they have a living will, which helps ease probate backlog and costs and also is a process that makes you think through a lot of end-of-life issues. But most people don’t. Do they at least have an ordinary will and an advance medical directive? If so, where are they? ]

Some opinions on a tricky topic.
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A Chinese Fishing Village Regains Its Rightful Place in California History

quote [ A shipwreck brought Chinese immigrants to the Monterey area. Discrimination forced them to start over. ]

I'm fishing with my boat and I'm fishing for trout
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