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Monday, 10 May 2021

Bear-Truck Trucker by Captain Games

quote [ The physics bear driving stacking hauling trading game ]

From the makers of Enviro-Bear 2000. Very entertaining.
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How 19th-Century German Farmers Turned Caves Into Homes

quote [ Preserving an unusual slice of rural life. ]

An ancient cave is my home
[SFW] [do it yourSElf] [+4 Good]
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Sunday, 9 May 2021

The Life of Saint Fiona Bianco Xena

quote [ The little wax figurine was commissioned by Boldex Stanley, 28th Earl of Gunwell to use as a bathtub plug. ]

Web art with dancing via The Rules Do Not Apply online exhibition of The National Gallery feat. The Royal Opera House.

The topmost image of Saint Fiona and her bionic eye somehow reminded me of Philip K. Dicks the titular Palmer Eldritch and his artifical eyes.
[SFW] [art]
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Exploration Pattern Paralysis (ft. Darkside of Xeen)

quote [ How do you comprehensively explore a tiled open world in a way that isn't fundamentally "artificial"?

CRPG Addict got mentioned already some time ago. These musings about the most satisfying way to explore newer-but-not-yet-open-world games were especially interesting.
[SFW] [games]
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Regenerative agriculture needs a reckoning

quote [ Why avoiding uncomfortable conversations about equity, race, and access threatens to spoil a nascent movement’s environmental promise. ]

Our dreams now soaring above the surface
[SFW] [environment & nature] [+1 Interesting]
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Saturday, 8 May 2021

A history of authenticity, from Jesus to self-help and beyond – Alexander Stern

quote [ Today, one of the primary ways we deal with the anxiety of being ourselves is to construct fantasy versions of ourselves through acquisition. This includes not just the acquisition of stuff, but also of personal style, worldviews, sociopolitical identities. ]

Yep, that text would profit from being a third of its length.
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Before Pantone, there was a 19th Century Colour Dictionary for Nature's Poetry

quote [ “Streak from the eye of the kingfisher” for a buff orange. “Flower of deadly nightshade” for a brownish purple red. “Decayed leaves of none-so-pretty” for cochineal red. “Beauty spot on wing of Mallard Drake” for a Prussian blue. These were the poetic descriptions inspired by nature to describe colour in a book used by Charles Darwin himself, to catalogue unknown creatures in a strange new world. ]

Life is on them Pantones
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Friday, 7 May 2021

Alone in Pico : Postmortem of a 3d demake

quote [ I let the project sleep. Until 3 month later, I get a twitter reply by Frederick Raynal himself, director of the original Alone in the dark. It turns out that he is quite interested in Pico 8. ]

Somebody spent half a year protoyping a working Alone in the Dark clone in Pico-8 – presuaded by the original coder!

This is very impressive technically and a good writeup. The isometric views of the models look pretty slick.

Play it on the Lexaloffle site or on

[SFW] [games] [+3 Good]
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Worked For Me

quote [ Why it seemed like Hooked on Phonics ads were everywhere in the 1990s—and why the cassette-tape program was a lot more controversial than you remember. ]

Hooked on phonics, packing a vicious vocabulary
[SFW] [history] [+2]
[by ScoobySnacks@5:03amGMT] [3 comments]

Thursday, 6 May 2021

The Secrets of the World's Greatest Jailbreak Artist

quote [ Master criminal Rédoine Faïd loved the movies, and his greatest crimes were laced with tributes: to "Point Break," "Heat," and "Reservoir Dogs." When he landed in a maximum-security prison, cinema provided inspiration once again. ]

Gonna make a (jailbreak)
[SFW] [people]
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