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Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Why Bear Fat Makes for Better Baking

quote [ While the technique is rare today, bear fat was a common ingredient for centuries, though one with a unique hangup. As with all omnivores, bears’ fat takes on the general flavor of their diet. In early fall, when nuts, berries, and acorns dot North America’s forests, Shaw writes, bear fat is “sublime … virtually indistinguishable from the finest pork lard you can buy or make.” The fat of blueberry-eating bears in Montana, for example, assumes sweet, fruity hints and a slight purple tinge. But if a bear most recently ate fish or suburban garbage, the lard takes on a briney odor that ranges from low-tide to truly vile. ]

This only reinforces my desire to kill a bear, eat it, then wear its skin.

Stop looking at me like that.
[SFW] [food & drink]
[by snowfox@9:44amGMT] [0 comments]

How to Name a Mountain Gorilla in Rwanda

quote [ Start with an ancestral ceremony for human babies. Then add 30,000 people who want to save the endangered, majestic primates. ]

Get gorilla with it
[SFW] [do it yourSElf] [+2]
[by ScoobySnacks@5:04amGMT] [1 comment]

Monday, 21 October 2019

‘Boys Don’t Cry’ 20 Years Later: For Trans Men, a Divisive Legacy

quote [ When it was released in October 1999, “Boys Don’t Cry” was the first mainstream film to focus on a transgender man. Twenty years later, it’s still the rare feature to center on such a life. But as the culture has evolved, the film has proved to be very much of its time, with a contradictory legacy that trans viewers have grappled with. ]

Full article in extended. I wasn't aware being a trans man was a possibility until I was 23, long after I was aware of trans women.

[SFW] [tv & movies]
[by snowfox@7:04amGMT] [2 comments]

Alexa and Google Home abused to eavesdrop and phish passwords

quote [ Amazon- and Google-approved apps turned both voice-controlled devices into "smart spies." ]

"Alexa, play," who played me? (Me)
[SFW] [Big Brother] [+1 Informative]
[by ScoobySnacks@5:01amGMT] [5 comments]

Why Did The Boeing 737 Max Crash?

quote [ When an airplane falls out of the sky, everybody stops. Families cry. Friends grieve. Journalists race to the scene. And all of us turn to the news. ]

We need more MBAs running the business...
[SFW] [business] [+1 Good]
[by satanspenis666@1:32amGMT] [7 comments]

Sunday, 20 October 2019

Belgium's Marginal Records - Bootlegging the 60s' Forgotten Pop and Soul

quote [ Marginal's releases were often closely followed by official releases from companies holding the rights, which indicates that Marginal was often the catalyst for the major labels to get off their arses and actually have a look at what they had in their back catalog. ]

Some funky bootleggin' going on in the 90s.
[SFW] [music] [+1 Good]
[by Paracetamol@7:47pmGMT] [0 comments]

Old Cellphones Listen for Illegal Loggers

quote [ A treetop surveillance system that uses recycled cellphones and artificial intelligence software to listen for rogue loggers and catch them in the act. ]

Recycling, making something old, new.
[SFW] [environment & nature] [+2]
[by yunnaf@12:56pmGMT] [0 comments]

The Quest for the Irish Atlantis Is a Thing

quote [ Every seven years, it emerged from the mist. The isle of “Hy-Brasil,” aka the ancient Irish Atlantis bound to the whims of the sea, revered by locals as the home of their pagan gods, or else, as the outpost of a lone magician and his castle – the rumour mill never stopped churning. ]

That gently float
From winter chill
To Hy-Brasil
[SFW] [history]
[by ScoobySnacks@5:01amGMT] [2 comments]

Saturday, 19 October 2019

2,500 More MS-DOS Games Playable at the Archive

quote [ Another few thousand DOS Games are playable at the Internet Archive! Since our initial announcement in 2015, we’ve added occasional new games here and there to the collection, but this will be our biggest update yet, ranging from tiny recent independent productions to long-forgotten big-name releases from decades ago. ]

I found a version of Descent, one of the first games I ever played in VR back in the mid 90s..
[SFW] [games] [+8 Good]
[by steele@7:16pmGMT] [6 comments]

U.S. Military Will Stop Using Floppy Disks to Operate Its Nuclear Weapons System

quote [ The systems used to control the United States arsenal of nuclear weapons rely on outdated computers. But the Department of Defense is updating at least one part of the archaic technology—the floppy disk storage systems. ]

Shake that floppy disk
[SFW] [science & technology] [+3 WTF]
[by ScoobySnacks@5:01amGMT] [17 comments]

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