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Wednesday, 14 April 2021

The Quest for a Floating Utopia

quote [ Can casting away from established society to inhabit sea-based colonies save us from the problems of modern life—or are we bound to repeat our mistakes? ]

All inviting you to stay and rest here
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Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Fish Doorbell

quote [ Are there any fish in the picture? Then press the fish doorbell. ]

Fish need your help to get through the river locks in Utrecht. The lockkeeper can't see when there are fish waiting to get through, but there's an underwater webcam. And a doorbell. Yes, seriously.

(The page is Dutch but Google translate in the extended.)

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‘When You Catch an Adjective, Kill It’

quote [ They start hurling the epithets when they haven't provided enough data-specific nouns and active verbs-to get their idea across. ]

Some quality ranting from 2007. Thumb via New Old Stock. Full text and Italian song in extended.

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The Lives of Others

quote [ Two women gave birth on the same day in a place called Come By Chance. They didn’t know each other, and never would. Half a century later, their children made a shocking discovery. ]

Aw baby, switched at birth
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Yuri Gagarin's boomerang: the tale of the first person to return from space, and his brief encounter with Aussie culture

quote [ benefits to be gained if the American and Soviet scientists were to unite their efforts […] if these feats were intended to unite rather than divide. ]

50 years since the first human went into space.

[SFW] [history] [+2 Interesting]
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Monday, 12 April 2021

Adding is favoured over subtracting in problem solving

quote [ There are many real-world consequences of failing to consider that situations can often be improved by removing rather than adding. ]

So what's your takeaway on this?
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“Fevers of Curiosity”: Charles Baudelaire and the Convalescent Flâneur

quote [ This month marks the 200th anniversary of Charles Baudelaire’s birth, the French poet famous for his descriptions of the flâneur: a man of the crowd, who thrived in the metropolis’ multitude. Following Baudelaire through 19th-century Paris, Matthew Beaumont discovers a parallel archetype — the convalescent hero of modernity — who emerges from the sickbed into city streets with a feverish curiosity. ]

Fix a drink and pretend that we are ok
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Sunday, 11 April 2021

The rice of the sea

quote [ In southern Spain, however, the team’s first marine garden suggests potential average harvests could be about 3.5 tonnes a hectare. While the yield is about a third of what one could achieve with rice, León points to the potential for low-cost and environmentally friendly cultivation. “If nature gifts you with 3,500kg without doing anything – no antibiotics, no fertiliser, just seawater and movement – then we have a project that suggests one can cultivate marine grain.” ]

… octopus's garden … humm-humm.
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A booming industry based entirely on missed calls helped bring India online — and vanished overnight

quote [ “The beauty of the missed-call behavior was that it was already pervasive,” said Wagoner, who became the company’s CEO. It had become so commonplace as to vex the country’s telecom operators: missed calls clogged up over 30% of phone lines but generated no revenue. ]

Ping-ringing for profit.
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A pigment from red cabbage could help turn your favorite foods blue

quote [ Natural cyan might one day replace synthetic dyes ]

Don't tell me you're too old for blue food
[SFW] [food & drink] [+3 Interesting]
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