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Thursday, 12 March 2020

Diesel Brothers Hit With $850,000 Fine for Tampering With Truck Emissions

quote [ TThe stars of Discovery Channel's Diesel Brothers television show are being ordered to pay $851,451 for their role in producing and selling modified diesel pickups that wreaked environmental havoc in the state of Utah. ]

Why does the Discovery Channel still exist?!?

Oh yeah, Shark Week :-/
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Don't be fooled, experts warn, America's anti-child-abuse EARN IT Act could burn encryption to the ground

quote [ Wait, a proposed law tackling the sexual abuse of kids and they name it... the EARN IT Act? Seriously? ]

With everyone focused on stocking up on TP and getting the fuck out of Europe, this is sneaking under the wire...
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Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Bodycam videos show 6-year-old sobbing, pleading with officers during arrest

quote [ The police body camera videos are disturbing. They show two Orlando police officers arresting 6-year-old Kaia Rolle as she pleads with officers for a "second chance." ]

I'm not part of the ACAB camp, but shit like this makes my blood boil...
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Monday, 24 February 2020

Live Updates: Harvey Weinstein Is Found Guilty of Rape

quote [ A jury convicted Mr. Weinstein of felony sex crime and rape, but acquitted him of the most serious charges against him, predatory sexual assault. ]

Fuck that fucking fucker. Preferably with that walker he's been shamming with...
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Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Amazon: How Bezos built his data machine

quote [ You might call me an Amazon super-user.

I’ve been a customer since 1999, and rely on it for everything from grass seed to birthday gifts.

There are Echo speakers dotted throughout my home, Ring cameras inside and out, a Fire TV set-top box in the living room and an ageing Kindle e-reader by my bedside.

I submitted a data subject access request, asking Amazon to disclose everything it knows about me

Scanning through the hundreds of files I received in response, the level of detail is, in some cases, mind-bending. ]

Everybody is paying attention to Facebook & Google, all while shopping away their information on amazon.com
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Friday, 13 December 2019

Danny Aiello, 'Do the Right Thing' star, dies at 86

quote [ Danny Aiello, known for his roles in the 1989 comedy-drama "Do the Right Thing" and 1987 rom-com "Moonstruck," had died after a brief illness, his publicist confirmed. He was 86 years old. ]

Personally I loved him in Hudson Hawk...

"Would you like to swing on a star"
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Monday, 9 December 2019

Man who had transplant finds out months later his DNA has changed to that of donor 5,000 miles away

quote [ Three months after his bone marrow transplant, Chris Long of Reno, Nevada, learned that the DNA in his blood had changed. ]

Your honor, I had a bone marrow transplant before the crime was committed...
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Friday, 6 December 2019

A man arrested in Russia is accused of building a fake border with Finland 15 miles from the real one and charging migrants $11,000 to cross it

quote [ The man is accused of building fake border posts in the Vyborg region, Interfax said, and taking the men on an extended route along a series of roads. ]

Something something modern problems, something something modern solutions.
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