random Sensible Endowment tag lines:

the Internet Bra - fifthSpango

it's not because people were disagreeing with me. It's because they were disagreeing with reality - Naruki

Onanism at its finest. - forgotten

press F5 for a funny tagline - rebbel

my other car is also your wife - Joe_Luma

^ ^ v v <> <> B A - Polyphemus

I be down for a tagline contest. All you guys is way funny - yogi

a wretched soul is he who does not live or lust under summer's rule - arrowhen

nothing hotter than a girl who just says what she wants, or just sticks it in her own ass from time to time. - spite48

don't hold it up to your remaining eye - f00m@nB@r

slowly dying in our own vomit - Krutz

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