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Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Turning Over • VAN Magazin

quote [ In Ravel’s two-piano version of his Introduction and Allegro, he calls for a mysterious “third hand ad lib.” to perform an impossible trill—a part that could only be executed by an especially daring page turner, reaching across the keyboard and right into the middle of the action. ]

There is a season (turn, turn, turn)

Action in classical music: thumb is Maurizio Pollini clinging onto the page while sweating through a Stockhausen piece.

There are multiple GIFs sprinkled through the article but none of them would load for me. Makes you wonder what they were about.
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Monday, 18 January 2021

Why the Movie Is Nothing Like the Game

quote [ when it came to its big screen potential, only one man had the vision, producer Roland Joffé. ]

Since someone decided to re-cut the Cyberpunk game trailer to Super Mario Bros. footage, rabbit-holing ensued.

Turns out the analogy is not far-fetched since it's set dressing by the Blade Runner designer and direction by the Max Headroom people.

Them being “Fuckin' idiots“ (Hoskins) – here's another interview echoing his regret.

The trailer makes extensive use of a Snap sample.

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Sunday, 17 January 2021

Why the bottles in Half-Life: Alyx look so dang good

quote [ The bottles are not transparent. But they look transparent, because Alyx is pulling the cube map for your approximate coordinates, and projecting that pre-baked image onto the side of the bottle you’re looking at. It shows you a distorted view of the space, but it’s a wild illusion that absolutely works. ]

Interesting deduction of shader fakes in simple English.
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Friday, 15 January 2021

Brexit stems from a civil war in capitalism – we are all just collateral damage | George Monbiot

quote [ Understood in this light, Brexit is scarcely about the UK at all. Oligarchs who have shown great interest in the subject tend to have weak or incomplete ties to this country. ]

An interesting deduction in this commentary. There's also one on the right wing media growth in the UK (thumb source).
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Thursday, 14 January 2021

The Tragedy and Mystery of the ‘Best Game of the Decade’

quote [ Now that the fifth and final chapter of Kentucky Route Zero is out, we know how it ends—and have more questions than ever. ]

Apart from the interludes, I only finished part 2. The soundtrack and some of the Easter eggs on the web are exceptionally good. One of the few games pulling off a lot of artsy meta stuff without feeling pretentious.
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Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Ian's Shoelace Site – Introduction

quote [ Fashion conscious shoe enthusiasts looking for creative lacing methods. ]

Oh, to be on the safe side! Quote via “So who are all these visitors?

Apparently, a Hacker News article made this more popular last year. Thumb via unbalanced Granny Knot analysis.
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Monday, 11 January 2021

Bird of the Month: The Pfeilstorch — Audubon Society of Northern Virginia

quote [ Twenty-five recorded Pfeilstrorchs traveled 2,000 miles to Africa, got impaled, and then traveled 2,000 miles back. ]

Migrate till you drop.
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Friday, 8 January 2021


quote [ Using an instance of Nitter (hosted on a VPS for example), you can browse Twitter without JavaScript while retaining your privacy. In addition to respecting your privacy, Nitter is on average around 15 times lighter than Twitter, and in some cases serves pages faster. ]

While Thread Reader makes bookmarking and reading way more convenient, this scriptless Twitter frontend is breathtakingly fast.

Found this via the Stuff that rocks list that collected similar frontends. Some thoughts in the extended.

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Tuesday, 5 January 2021

The Problem with the Inconsequential Quest – Hot Pod News

quote [ I call this format “The Inconsequential Quest.” I’m sure readers will be very familiar with the form: a host chooses something that is of seemingly little importance and investigates it with a thoroughness and journalistic rigour that seems completely out of proportion to the original question. The resulting episode or series documents this journey in detail and ultimately reveals a conclusion that surprises and delights listeners. ]

Nice deduction of this journalistic meta game.

Thumb via New Old Stock
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Monday, 4 January 2021

Inside the Whale: An Interview with an Anonymous Amazonian

quote [ It's like a modular datacenter on wheels. And customers rightly expect that if they load a truck with all their data, they want security for that truck. So there's an armed guard in it at all times.

It’s a pretty easy sell. If a customer looks at that option, they say, yeah, of course I want the giant truck and the guy with a gun to move my data, not some crappy system that I develop on my own. ]

Interesting look at sales and self-image at Seattle.
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