Thursday, 17 November 2022

What People Lose In The CANAL (Magnet Fishing)

quote [ About Bondi Treasure Hunter:
G'day, I'm Leigh and I search for treasure all over the world in all kinds of ways. Scuba Diving, Metal Detecting or Magnet Fishing - if it's out there I'll find it!
My treasure hunting motto is "Anything could be anywhere!"
No matter where I go treasure hunting and metal detecting, I have lot's of fun. Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy my adventures. If you have any questions about how to search for treasure just leave a comment! ]

This looks fun, I wanna try it when I get back on the road.
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[by steele@5:27pmGMT]


Wulf said[1] @ 1:44pm GMT on 18th Nov [Score:1 Interesting]
My buddy introduced me to magnet fishing and I found some videos in my old city, a bridge right next to the train and bus terminal in a part of town that starts to get not so nice. Among signposts and other things they also found a chefs knife and a handgun, of which I'm sure there's more.

Edit, I did not do the fishing but saw local videos. Did not have enough coffee when I posted.
steele said @ 4:18pm GMT on 18th Nov
Sweet. Being an old man walking along the beach with a metal detector seems like it might be a fun hobby too.
cb361 said[1] @ 5:52pm GMT on 17th Nov [Score:-2 WTF]
Vadim Boyko, deputy director of the Vladivostok Pacific Naval College, was reportedly found dead on Wednesday morning after five gunshots were heard inside his office. Local media outlets including newspaper Dalnevostochnye Vedomosti reported that his death was classed as suicide. Dalnevostochnye Vedomosti claimed that Boyko "shot himself in the temple." Five shots, and it was suicide? Who shoots themselves four times in the head, and thinks "One more for luck."?
mechanical contrivance said @ 5:58pm GMT on 17th Nov
Yeah, it was definitely murder. If you shoot yourself in the temple, you can't shoot yourself four more times because you're already dead or quickly dying.

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