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Hello! I am steele, the current owner/custodian of the SE community.

Things I know how to do that frame how I see the world:
Security: Physical, electronic, computer, and cuddling in fleece blankets.
Electronics: Extensive electronics training while in the military. Rusty as hell though, been about 15 years. I can still somewhat grock schematics and troubleshoot down to a component level with the right tools.
Computers: Basic programming and I've brute forced damn near everything else. I used to hunt botnets with Lowkeysoft back in the day until the number of death threats became too overwhelming. My current obsession is with neural networks, data mining, VR, mythology, and studying how information travels through the world, especially the part where it's processed by the human brain.
Writing: I used to write a lot of erotic "fiction" and am intrigued by the monomyth and archetypes.
Music: I'm currently learning to play guitar and music theory for another avenue with which to express myself.
Sex: I used to teach women how to squirt and how to orgasm at will.
Spirituality and Religion: Tying into the monomyth, and how the brain processes information, I approach religious rituals as a form of mental/behavioral training that changes the way we subjectively experience the world.

I like working out, volunteering with children's charities, and I'm lucky enough to be accompanied by a Derry, Maine Coon cat named Oy who is constantly keeping me from becoming too obsessed with my hunt for the Tower.
I live out of my truck and spend the majority of my life in the woods reading, researching, and contemplating my own navel orange.
My truck has died and been sold. I am currently in limbo. :(

I am probably one of the last people who should have been in put in charge of a website.

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