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Friday, 24 January 2020

Emma Willard's Maps of Time

quote [ In the 21st-century, infographics are everywhere. In the classroom, in the newspaper, in government reports, these concise visual representations of complicated information have changed the way we imagine our world. Susan Schulten explores the pioneering work of Emma Willard (1787?1870), a leading feminist educator whose innovative maps of time laid the groundwork for the charts and graphics of today. ]

Across the map, one time for ya
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Friday, 17 January 2020

The Story Behind One of Star Wars' Most Recognizable Posters

quote [ If two people made one of the most iconic Star Wars posters ever in less than two days, wouldn?t you want to hear that story? ]

I want the things that I had before
Like a Star Wars poster on my bedroom door
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Wednesday, 8 January 2020

The Curious Case of the Notebook from State Lunatic Asylum No.3

quote [ Drawings, found in the hundreds, every page hand-bound, every artwork a labour of love. Why was it found in a dumpster in Springfield, Missouri, by a teenager who pulled it out in 1970? For decades, the only clue to its origins was a water mark: ?Missouri State ?Lunatic Asylum? No. 3.? ]

This is what goes on in the mind of a lunatic
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Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Santa On Shrooms: A Trippy 1943 Comic Book

quote [ Enjoy this 1943 comic book featuring a psychedelic mushroom chomping Santa Claus. It's sort of a bonkers take-off on Alice in Wonderland but with added Santa. ]

Santa came up missing, he was sitting by a tree
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Saturday, 21 December 2019

Cildo Meireles?s Coca-Cola Project

quote [ In the 1970s, soda bottles in Brazil were still being returned, refilled & resold. Asserting that ?the container always carries with it an ideology,? artist, Cildo Meireles began ?inserting? his own subversive messages into the cycle. ]

Also, a cool song I came across.

A Tribe Called Red - Electric Pow Wow Drum
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Monday, 9 December 2019

Man eats expensive art banana in act that is also somehow apparently art

quote [ Blurring the line between the worlds of high art and low snacking, a performance artist at a Miami art gallery has just indulged in one of the most expensive potassium refills in artistic history. ]

Bananas to the beat
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A Border Patrol janitor turned migrants' confiscated stuff into a photo exhibit

quote [ A hairbrush is just a hairbrush, except when it represents the person to whom it once belonged. ]

This is just very very sad
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Saturday, 7 December 2019

This is Not Blue (a lesson on color theory)

quote [ Everything you think you know about color is a lie. Come learn the REAL primary colors and find out where color comes from. ]

Extended has a video that explains additive and subtractive color.

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