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Wednesday, 6 January 2021

When Good Governments Go Bad: History Shows That Societies Collapse When Leaders Undermine Social Contracts

quote [ They found that when “good” governments—ones that provided goods and services for their people and did not starkly concentrate wealth and power—fell apart, they broke down more intensely than collapsing despotic regimes. And the researchers found a common thread in the collapse of good governments: leaders who undermined and broke from upholding core societal principles, morals, and ideals. ]

This is an interesting conclusion, especially when you take into account the difficulty of comparing ancient governmental systems to modern democracies.
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Friday, 10 February 2017

What Developmental Milestones Are You Missing?

quote [ So getting back to David Chapman: his post is mostly about Robert Kegan’s account of “stages of moral development”. I didn’t get much from Kegan himself, but I was fascinated by an idea just sort of dropped into the middle of the discussion: that less than half of the people in modern western countries had attained Kegan’s fourth stage, and only a small handful attained his fifth. This was a way of thinking about development that I’d never heard before. ]

While there is politics mentioned in this, it is really more about the science of mental development and how we all may be missing pieces of it (and not even know it).
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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Stanford's map center devoted to the 'joyful exploration of all things cartographic'

quote [ The David Rumsey Map Center, with more than 150,000 rare maps, atlases, globes and pocket maps, will celebrate its grand opening. ]

Can I just live here? Please?
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