Tuesday, 25 October 2016


quote [ Hypernormalisation: Adam Curtis plots a path from Syria to Trump, via Jane Fonda ]

I watched this on Saturday and really, really liked it. 40 years of political and social history threads wound together in a way that make them ultimately inextricable. More of my subject waxing in extended.

It's a hefty piece, and at almost three hours long you might want to set an evening aside, or be prepared to break it up into pieces; I'd recommend trying to watch it all in one go, if you can.
I'm sure it's possible to pick holes in it, and when you're attempting to cover such wide subjects over such a long time with authority, in under 3 hours, and wind it all to a point you have to make editing decisions, but still it's a really good.

The link is to BBC iPlayer, where it resides. If iPlayer is blocked in other non-Queen-fearing/mocking countries, I think it's on Youtube if you look around and want to do that.

The quoted text isn't actually from the iPlayer page, it's from a review from a Guardian contributor. here: https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2016/oct/15/hypernormalisation-adam-curtis-trump-putin-syria
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HoZay said @ 7:20pm GMT on 25th Oct [Score:2]
Morris Forgot his Password said @ 7:13pm GMT on 25th Oct
BBC iPlayer only works in the UK
Sorry, itโ€™s due to rights issues.
HoZay said @ 7:17pm GMT on 25th Oct
Thanks, Queen!

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