Thursday, 26 June 2014

Colorado primary puts a real gem of a candidate on the ticket.

quote [ Last year, "Dr. Chaps" Gordon Klingenschmitt announced that he was running for a seat in Colorado's legislature and his long history as a disgraced former Navy Chaplain who brags about having successfully performed an exorcism on a lesbian soldier and who has stated again and again that demonic spirits are behind everything from abortion to gay marriage to ENDA to President Obama to Madonna won him the support of the vast majority of GOP caucus-goers earlier this year, setting up a primary showdown against another GOP hopeful which took place last night. ]

It's demons all the way down, people.
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GordonGuano said @ 1:52am GMT on 26th Jun
Going full retard is only bad if you're trying to get an Oscar.
ENZ said @ 2:34am GMT on 26th Jun
I thought this was for the actual House of Reps, but this is only at the state level. Still disturbing, but he's only one voice out of 65 in determining what laws get made in Colorado. His entire platform rests on "burn the gays!", so I don't think he'll have many victories. Any laws he proposes would immediately be shot down, or be challenged in the Supreme Court.

All in all, this speaks more about voter apathy than anything else. Less than 7,000 people out of 75,000 who live in that district actually voted in the primary, and this guy got less than 3,500 votes. I think the Dem candidate would easily be able to beat that in the actual election.
Taleweaver said @ 11:27am GMT on 26th Jun
I think this is quite relevant to the discussion. Especially that part:

"A key question will be how much Mr. Cochran owes his victory to his efforts to reach out to Democrats—especially the state's large African-American population. Under Mississippi law, anyone could vote in the primary—except people who cast ballots in the Democratic primary June 3.

Mr. McDaniel has been lambasting the senator for trying to win a Republican primary with Democratic votes, saying it ratifies his charge that the senator has liberal leanings ill-suited to representing a deeply conservative state."
HoZay said @ 5:23pm GMT on 26th Jun
I keep hoping the teabaggers will split off into a third party.
ENZ said @ 7:16pm GMT on 26th Jun
The black community is indeed pretty unsympathetic to the gay rights movement. The Hispanic vote, thanks in no small part to their heavy Catholic leanings, also shows animosity towards gays.
HoZay said @ 12:28am GMT on 27th Jun
More so than they should, but less so than they used to. They'll come along, just as the culture at large has.

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