Tuesday, 1 February 2022

Pa. fuel tax meant for bridge repair went to state police instead

quote [ Pennsylvania has almost 3,000 bridges classified as structurally deficient, though state Auditor General Eugene DePasquale said Thursday that tally has actually been halved since 2008.

Over six years, $4.2 billion that could have helped fix those bridges has instead gone to State Police, he said. ]

Confused? More bridge collapses!

Also, in case you missed the definitely not authoritarian police funeral march last week.
They Live NYPD Funeral

Woman (justifiably) freaks out at NYPD officers for not wearing masks in subway(SELINK unavailable)

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[SFW] [dystopian violence] [+5 Informative]
[by steele@5:50pmGMT]


steele said @ 6:16pm GMT on 1st Feb [Score:2]
mechavolt said @ 7:56pm GMT on 2nd Feb [Score:1 Underrated]
Fuck the police. Name him. Shame him. Arrest him.
steele said @ 6:17pm GMT on 1st Feb
steele said @ 6:18pm GMT on 1st Feb
C18H27NO3 said @ 7:00pm GMT on 1st Feb
Years ago, my NYC cell phone bill included a tax that wasn't identifiable (I think it was AT&T). After doing some digging, the roughly $2-3 added to my bill was intended to furnish NY State Troopers with new boots/ equipment. Years went by before anybody noticed. I guess they're at it again only now in PA. . .
TimmoW said @ 6:51pm GMT on 2nd Feb
We've all known for-profit prisons are a terrible idea for a while, so how come it seems like more and more the police force is becoming a for-profit entity?
mechavolt said[1] @ 7:55pm GMT on 2nd Feb
You answered your own question. For profit. Cops double dipping on public salaries and private in-uniform security gigs. Cops confiscating personal property through civil asset forfeiture. Cops intertwined with nationalist militias, blurring the lines between state-sponsored racism and terrorism. Cops drawing in military-grade weapons and gear. Cops are the nation's largest criminal organization, and it's all above board and legal, and it's all for profit.

EDIT: And nationalist racism.
mechanical contrivance said @ 10:30pm GMT on 2nd Feb
And many, perhaps most, people like it that way.
steele said[1] @ 1:26am GMT on 3rd Feb
You are probably right. Which is why the next few decades are going to get very violent. As if a few thousand unnecessary deaths a day isn't already.

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