Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Bernie Sanders' Sexism Problem

quote [ When women who worked for him came forward to discuss how they were paid less and experienced sexual harassment, Bernie initially replied, “I was a little bit busy running around the country” [...] That’s in keeping with someone who claimed, “women’s issues were a distraction.” ]

Old article but addresses issues SE has never really discussed.

I find there is a segment of the left that, like the right, doesn't care about any issue which does not affect them personally. The difference is that the right are open about it while the left lie about it and talk down to any woman or minority who dares to speak out. We are continually silenced by a group made of predominantly straight, cis, white men.
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lilmookieesquire said @ 2:35am GMT on 10th Nov [Score:1 Underrated]
I think some core issues are under-representation of women; under representation of ethnicities; and under-representation of age groups.

The democratic party is weak with all of these.

I think the piece is promoting Kamala and that's fine, and she can help address some of these core issues/weaknesses of the DNC- and that is still progress from what we have now. Personally I find AOC a strong(er?) proponent of each of these.

But I'm not sure I'd agree that the left should be, say, defined as straight cis white men who lie and talking down to women; but it definitely exists and one solution is to create better representation and voter registration ala Stacy Adams.

I wish there were more genuine progressives like AOC that would better represent the population.
snowfox said @ 2:37am GMT on 11th Nov
A number of Sanders' supporters turned on her a while ago and I forget why. I only remember that I predicted it would happen, just like it happened to Elizabeth Warren. These names gets pulled out as proof liberals will vote for a woman until they actually have to. Liberals prefer women who back their preferred male candidate but would rather they maintain a supporting role. Not even blaming men specifically. Women are half the population and a bunch of us voted for Trump. The internalized misogyny is soul-crushing.

By the time AOC runs for a higher office, she'll get dragged.

I saw this coming when Obama took the nomination. America is still racist, even the left. Apparently it's still more sexist than racist because the only way even the left was willing to elect a black man was if the alternative were a white woman. I think Bojack Horseman's gun control episode is likely prophetic. California passed gun control because of black men. The US would pass gun control if women took up arms.

I'm not angry. Or even disappointed. I'm just out of hope. I went from Diane to Princess Carolyn.

Bojack solves Gun Control
mechavolt said @ 8:20pm GMT on 10th Nov [Score:1 Underrated]
Gah, I had a whole list of my thoughts and it got deleted. Shortened version: yes, there are real problems here, but they also extend to the Democratic party and to society at whole. Sanders presents his policies as an economic rising tide to lift all boats, but I'm not convinced that they are enough to remedy gender- and race-based inequalities. I think Sanders' policies would be good for the country overall, but aren't really targeted at the groups that are hurting the most.
snowfox said @ 2:44am GMT on 11th Nov [Score:1 Insightful]
This is why I think Bernie and his followers couldn't take sole claim to progressivism. His main concerns were economic and his most dedicated followers were privileged enough that this could be their deciding concern. The wilfull blindness to it and vitriol to having it pointed out was disheartening.

Just as much so, it's heartening to see at least two of my fellow SEers admit there was a shortcoming and express a desire for progressives to do better on social justice for identity related issues.

I want economic improvements, but if they primarily benefit cis het white men, they aren't truly progressive. Everyone should have the social equality where it would make a difference. I prioritize identity first because it's a matter of human rights and because it would be too easy to pass economic reform and then pull the old, "I've got mine, screw you."

I want us to make progress together.

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