Thursday, 23 April 2020

Breakthrough of Digital Culture: Finland accepts the Demoscene on its national UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity

quote [ “Demoskene is an international community focused on demos, programming, graphics and sound creatively real-time audiovisual performances. […] Since the 1980s the community that has grown up to now consists of hundreds of different demo groups all over Finland, each with members to a few dozen. The groups meet at various events throughout the year. Subculture is an empowering and important part of identity for its members.” ]

Not a bad move – here's the application and the thumb source.
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von_sanchez said @ 12:56pm GMT on 23rd Apr
I remember trading C64 floppies on the morning school bus a long, long ways away from Finland and being absolutely gobsmacked by what some of these used to let my computer do when I got home.

They're absolutely right about it being cultural heritage. I bet a whole lot of computer science careers started because of exposure to this one phenomenon that would not have started otherwise.

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