Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Bodycam videos show 6-year-old sobbing, pleading with officers during arrest

quote [ The police body camera videos are disturbing. They show two Orlando police officers arresting 6-year-old Kaia Rolle as she pleads with officers for a "second chance." ]

I'm not part of the ACAB camp, but shit like this makes my blood boil...
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Dienes said @ 3:16am GMT on 27th Feb [Score:4 Underrated]
Look, I've worked with aggressive 6-year-olds. I get it! Its frustrating, its exhausting, its infuriating, its painful. Absolutely tantrums are in appropriate, and absolutely aggression is unacceptable.

And you know what? Aggression and tantrums are a thing kids do, it is something they are taught to do, and its our job as adults to keep the kid safe and teach them how to do better. Because they are children who are only doing what they are taught and don't have the skills to handle it otherwise, and we are the adults who do. The school has utterly failed this child. You had literally ONE JOB, people.

Everything described in the article is basically the opposite of how you should address such a situation, even before the cops get involved. You're not going to de-escalate a sleep-deprived kid with threats of jail, you dumbass. You utter moron.

Having cops arrest a 6-year-old will do nothing to improve her behavior. Its not going to decrease the aggression or tantrums. Its not going to teach pro-social skills, conflict resolution, communication, emotional regulation, etc. There will be no gains or development from this.

This is, however, a great way to give a kid a record that will follow her for life. This is a great way to give a kid a traumatic experience. Given the record cops have for treating minorities in custody, there's a very real chance the child could have even been injured or killed through this interaction.

And when you do something to a person that can literally only harm them, as a result of being upset for something they did to you, there is a special name for that. Its seeking revenge, and its fucking unacceptable from someone who is supposed to be educating and supporting a small child.
steele said @ 4:34am GMT on 27th Feb [Score:1 WTF]
rapscallion said @ 3:07pm GMT on 14th Mar
All true, I feel this crap is a direct result of our litigious culture. Schools have been neutered and cannot dispense any type of serious discipline. So what choice do they have if parents are not willing to be parents? I don't think a cop should be a part of the disciplinary process at all.
steele said @ 4:37am GMT on 27th Feb [Score:1 Funny]
We have tote bags...💁‍♂️
endopol said @ 6:22am GMT on 27th Feb
Açaí cops are berries?
Jack Blue said @ 7:43am GMT on 27th Feb
Region blocked. Anyone who can tell me what this is about?
Spleentwentythree said @ 11:18pm GMT on 26th Feb [Score:-1 WTF]
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endopol said[1] @ 2:28am GMT on 27th Feb [Score:-1]
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ooo[......7 said @ 5:01am GMT on 27th Feb [Score:-1]
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