Monday, 24 September 2018

You like droning monotone narration, socialism, and city building? I got you fam.

quote [ It's a new series where we follow the development of a city over time and stuff. We're gonna talk about urbanism and economics and social issues and all that crap. ]

The History channel has decided to become the go to spot for, American Pickers/Pawn Stars, cryptozoology, and antediluvian aliens playing Civ 5 with real life hominids. That's fine, because there are gems to be found on youtube. In a nutshell, guy talks history using Cities Skylines to illustrate. Playlist and other items in the extended.

Main link is a Kotaku article. The playlist for his Franklin series is here

His Patreon is here if you're down to chip in.

If you got a soft spot for infotainment, there's also the good folks at Extra Creditz, which has expanded beyond just game design to cover topics such as history, mythology, and science fiction.
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JWWargo said @ 9:04pm GMT on 25th Sep
Watched the first two episodes last night on a mountaintop and, maybe this was because of the Chinese liquor I was drinking, but it was far more interesting than I would have assumed from the article. His voice isn't QUITE as bad as suggested, either. In fact, I would listen to a podcast of this without the visuals, but they are a nice touch.
milkman666 said[1] @ 9:44pm GMT on 25th Sep
His voice and tone is an asset. Its entertaining while being informative and doesn't shy from tackling the suffering our civilization is not only built on but still fuels to this day.

He's also funny as fuck. It gets better and better as he goes on. It's actually the third episode where you see he starts to put in some production value. A crash course on urban planning, at 2:55

Cities: Skylines | Franklin, Episode 3: Founding Franklin

JWWargo said @ 3:01am GMT on 26th Sep
I was finishing episode 4 when I read your reply. Good stuff.
steele said @ 7:56pm GMT on 13th Oct
I just watched the freeway episode and was going to post it. Good shit.

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