Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Lurkers welcome: SE minecraft server III(?) The re-resurrectionation.

quote [ New map in new game version here. Old map from previous game version in extended entry. ]

This is no-mods, vanilla minecraft server running the latest version. Multi colored beds! Llamas! Polar Bears! Totally unexplored except for a shitty cabin I built (I didn't even go through the portal yet). See extended for details.

This is a server running the latest version of Minecraft, 1.12. Make sure your local copy is running 1.12.x

If you were on the previous whitelists, you are on the current whitelist and no further action is needed. If you are a new player, please message me and I can add you. You cannot connect to the server if you aren't on the whitelist

In your multiplayer game menu, directly connect to

I think people should play in whatever way is fun for them, so there are command blocks in the basement of the spawn area cabin where you can change your game mode from survival to creative (and back again) if you so desire.

No griefing, don't be a dick, blah blah blah. I have an infant at home so I will not be on very much. I have designated 3 OPs (arrowhen, rndmnmbr, and lilmookieesquire) that can help add you to the whitelist or with other considerations you might have.

OLD MAP: I still intend to make the old map available for download. It's a big folder though (containing about 3 GB of subfolders/files) so if anyone can recommend a hosting site for it I'm open to ideas.
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[by robotroadkill@3:07amGMT]


robotroadkill said @ 3:08am GMT on 20th Sep
Irma went away, power is back on, have some fun!
lilmookieesquire said @ 3:22am GMT on 20th Sep
I promise I won't crash the server with 1000cubes^3 of TNT again.

It was a growing experience.

We're all better for it.

foobar said @ 3:35am GMT on 20th Sep [Score:1 Insightful]
So my 999 is ok?
lilmookieesquire said @ 3:37am GMT on 20th Sep
Mathematically, yes.
robotroadkill said @ 3:23am GMT on 20th Sep
rndm also broke it with a furniture making machine
lilmookieesquire said @ 3:35am GMT on 20th Sep
He can't be trusted. He's an absolute villain.
rndmnmbr said @ 4:31am GMT on 20th Sep
I won't break the server this time! Just a machine that spawns an invincible ghast over Mookie's base at random...
lilmookieesquire said @ 5:26am GMT on 20th Sep
Ghasts for sale to good home(s). Cheap. Must pick up.
rndmnmbr said @ 5:48am GMT on 20th Sep
Teleport hub is up! Currently the only point is at spawn, but you can go look around if you want.
Jack Blue said @ 8:30am GMT on 20th Sep
I approve of this. Vinterkatt residence is getting built later.
cb361 said @ 4:48pm GMT on 20th Sep

I think I'll wait for the Humble Minecraft Bundle.

Microsoft does do charity, doesn't it?
lilmookieesquire said @ 12:44am GMT on 21st Sep
If you have any old ones you can get the windows ten one for free. They don't make it easy though- but I have an account from yonks ago and it works
Kelyn said @ 3:40pm GMT on 18th Oct
The server has been down for a bit. Just an FYI. :)
robotroadkill said @ 8:31pm GMT on 18th Oct
Thanks, I'll get to it as soon as I get home from work.
robotroadkill said @ 1:38am GMT on 19th Oct
Ok it should be back up. Feel free to tell me as soon as you notice it's down.
robotroadkill said @ 4:08pm GMT on 11th Nov
The server is currently down, I changed ISPs and I have to reconfigure the new router to allow the incoming traffic. Hopefully it'll be back up tonight when I have time.
robotroadkill said @ 4:24am GMT on 16th Nov
OK Nov. 15. sorry for the delay. The server is back up. Connect to in order to connect. Thanks for your patience.

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