Tuesday, 5 September 2017

SE/MC: Resurrection

quote [ Punch the tree, make the box. ]

The most recent incarnation of an SE server (hosted by your's truly) is back online due to popular request (2 people, anyway). See extended for important notes.

Run minecraft under version 1.11.2, or something compatible with that server version. Directly connect your multiplayer mc game to
The whitelist from the last time it was running is still in effect, so new users must please request an add, which will be done as soon as possible, probably within 24 hours.

This is bare-bones vanilla minecraft, no mods are needed. Also, I'm not going to be on it much because I have a 1-week old living with me now.
This is essentially an update, I guess, to This post


and this post.


Have fun!

EDIT: the approaching hurricane might result in some down time later this week.
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Jack Blue said @ 7:47am GMT on 5th September
I'm game! Add me!

Jack Blue said @ 7:48am GMT on 5th September
I'm game!

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Jack Blue said @ 7:47am GMT on 5th September
I'm game!

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