random Sensible Endowment tag lines:

lend a hand - f00m@nB@r

I rarely read the articles! - insanemonkey

terrorism I can sink my teeth into - Chop-Logik

the Star of David - Refreshingly not a penis - drunk

it's almost like having friends - cb361

my night action is as follows: I lament the wasted day while masturbating and eating cake. Then I cower in a corner - spite48

retarded people still like to fuck - almostz

because the only thing more awesome than having a team of ninjas and a harem is having it be the same team - Jewbacchus

I love the smell of porno in the morning. Smells like... *fap* - spectre853

condoms: like wrapping a plastic bag over the heads of a million infants! - sacrelicious

my sock is now my sword - Gyro

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