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A Physical Demonstration Is Worth A Thousand Expert Opinions (warning, ugly sound)

quote [ Key point ... the only difference between the two wheel runs with and without the splash plate is the direction of movement. The run with the splash plate is overcoming the opposing force of the wheel/bearing/friction of the outer wheel (that is left over after inner wheel angular cancels out some of it) which is what I did the single wheel runs to isolate/illustrate. ]

We will be putting up a video of a motorized version with vertical wheels and water circulation.
At present it weighs four times as much and has around a quarter of the power output but at least it doesn't transmit any angular momentum to the pendulum from wheel/bearing/motor forces.
We're still fiddling with it but the video should be up soon.

All of this "space drive" stuff aside ... the primary motivation for this video is to demonstrate that a rotating wheel of water, with a controlled "leak", presents the kind of unbalanced force that one can only attain via the application of an "outside force", which in this case is Centrifugal Acceleration occurring inside the wheel.
It is very unfortunate that generations of students have conflated "outside force" with "outside of the container" (though most of the time the terms are admittedly interchangeable).

Normally a balanced rotating body that loses some of its mass will encounter an acceleration of its axis in the direction opposite of the flight path of the lost mass (due to the sudden condition of imbalance) but in this system the centrifugal force works with the water still in the wheel to maintain even distribution of mass and prevents imbalances in the same manner as a LeBlanc Balancer such as are used today in washing machines and some industrial/automotive capacities.
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[by -_-@7:15amGMT]


donnie said @ 8:25am GMT on 31st May [Score:1 Insightful]
not again... just please, not again...
midden said @ 12:16pm GMT on 31st May [Score:2 Underrated]
donnie said @ 7:41pm GMT on 31st May
Perfect. Infinite improbability drive indeed.
-_- said @ 9:41am GMT on 31st May
You know what to do ;D
donnie said @ 9:46am GMT on 31st May [Score:3]
At least that makes one of us.
moriati said @ 9:05pm GMT on 31st May [Score:1 WTF]
“Know this: I, Mercurius, have here set down a full, true and infallible account of the Great Work. But I give you fair warning that unless you seek the true philosophical gold and not the gold of the vulgar, unless you heart is fixed with unbending intent on the true Stone of the Philosophers, unless you are steadfast in your quest, abiding by God’s laws in all faith and humility and eschewing all vanity, conceit, falsehood, intemperance, pride, lust and faint-heartedness, read no farther lest I prove fatal to you. For I am the watery venomous serpent who lies buried at the earth’s centre; I am the fiery dragon who flies through the air. I am the one thing necessary for the whole Opus. I am the spirit of metals, the fire which does not burn, the water which does not wet the hands. If you find the way to slay me you will find the philosophical mercury of the wise, even the White Stone beloved of the Philosophers. If you find the way to raise me up again, you will find the philosophical sulphur, that is, the Red Stone and Elixir of Life. Obey me and I will be your servant; free me and I will be your friend. Enslave me and I am a dangerous enemy; command me and I will make you mad; give me life and you will die.”
― Patrick Harpur, Mercurius: The Marriage of Heaven and Earth
-_- said @ 5:24am GMT on 2nd Jun
This post generated three views of the video with an average viewing time of two seconds.
rhesusmonkey said @ 5:27am GMT on 2nd Jun
I watched the whole thing, i have none a what you are doing other than using some drills and spinning your finger. It does look like a great amount of effort though, particularly with the pneumatics, so +1 for you.
-_- said @ 11:19am GMT on 2nd Jun
It's a physics demonstration of how to arrange forces such that you have an uneven net force.
Aka: how to build a "reactionless" space drive.
Think of it as an electric space drive with a top speed of Relativity.
At present it out competes every electric space drive out there, and with a better power to weight ratio it will provide "ant-gravity" via a 1g+ acceleration.
Right now I'm just trying to get third party confirmation of my results.
The only result that really matters is the change in behavior when I remove the splash plate vs when the splash plate is in place.
I have another video showing the same rig running while enclosed in plastic vs the same rig running without water in it.
Soon I'm putting up a video of a motorized version with water circulation for continuous running.
A vessel using this tech could easily get to Mars in a fortnight (or possibly less).
HoZay said @ 12:30pm GMT on 2nd Jun
Good luck with it.
krupa said @ 4:39pm GMT on 2nd Jun
Looks interesting! Try to isolate all external variables.

A few comments:
-make a free-floating device (to see how the sum of forces affect it)
-make sure that it is in an isolated box (or a vacuum) to get rid of wind/heat/etc. conductive variables
-fire it off a self-contained unit with a remote (i.e. battery powered + remote control)
-measure the power+time to the amount of movement + time, and try to estimate the power-factors, i.e. power-in to power-out

-there are valid methods, e.g. bouncing light to 45 degree mirrors, but the problem with those is that have really low efficiency and basically still require fuel
-_- said @ 9:07pm GMT on 2nd Jun
I've never heard of that mirror trick, more info?
-In this video and others I have the devices mounted to torsional pendulums for "free floating".
-In the previous video and the next one I isolate the system from environmental variables via plastic enclosure.
In the next video I'll be putting up I also placed a tub of dry ice on top of the running unit to visibly illustrate the lack of air movement in the room.

This unit still requires input electricity (definitely not messing with Conservation of Energy here).
donnie said[1] @ 10:31am GMT on 5th Jun
You know face, at this point I just feel bad for you. You've put so much time and energy into this plainly hopeless device. NASA gets so many of these amazing breakthroughs submitted to them annually that they have even drafted guidance documents to help the people in the outreach departments deal with them. Why you think your impossible mechanical machine is any more special than the thousands of others out there that don't work, I don't understand.
-_- said @ 9:19pm GMT on 11th Jun
Because mine actually works donnie, mine actually works.
Thank you for your concern though :)
donnie said @ 9:03am GMT on 12th Jun
Yeah, and so does everyone else's... if you ask them.
-_- said @ 9:42am GMT on 12th Jun
Mine cost less than a hundred bucks to test for yourself.
Or, if you're in the area, you're welcome to play with any of mine.
At this point I'm fairly certain you haven't actually looked into my work, and that your reasoning is that since it is impossible it would therefore be a waste of your time.
To this Sir I say your arrogance is surpassed only by your ignorance, and neither would survive without the other.
rhesusmonkey said @ 5:25am GMT on 2nd Jun
So like, new fidget spinner for giants? Dafuq? Are you starting some prog rock techno viking slam poetry thing?

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