Thursday, 18 September 2014

700 free eBooks!

quote [ The University of California Press e-books collection holds books published by UCP (and a select few printed by other academic presses) between 1982-2004. The general public currently has access to 770 books through this initiative. The collection is dynamic, with new titles being added over time. ]

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Abdul Alhazred said @ 9:32am GMT on 18th Sep
My wife the professor will likely find this very useful.
krupa said @ 3:50pm GMT on 20th Sep
Is her chair at Miskatonic U, by any chance?
Abdul Alhazred said @ 6:53pm GMT on 20th Sep [Score:1 Funny]
Yes, they keep a copy of my major work there under lock and key. Though that hasn't stopped the Watneys from reading it, I hear...
mechanical contrivance said @ 9:40pm GMT on 20th Sep
It sure stopped one of them.
HoZay said @ 3:06pm GMT on 18th Sep
Free Culture! So much more than free ebooks.
LL said @ 4:44pm GMT on 18th Sep

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