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Miami, the great world city, is drowning while the powers that be look away

quote [ "But global warming is occurring. That is absolutely unequivocal. Since the 1950s, the climate system has warmed. That is an absolute fact. And we are now 95% sure that that warming is due to human activities. If I was 95% sure that my house was on fire, would I get out? Obviously I would. It is straightforward." ]

If South Florida sinks, where will all the crazy news come from?
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damnit said @ 2:33am GMT on 13th Jul [Score:2 Funny]
sitswithacookie said @ 2:35am GMT on 13th Jul [Score:1 Good]
arrowhen said @ 1:33am GMT on 14th Jul
Never heard of them, but the picture, the band's name, and the font they used on the tee-shirt all led me to expect a song that rocked and didn't suck. I am disappointed.
sanepride said @ 5:46pm GMT on 14th Jul [Score:1 Interesting]
Calm down everybody!
Rupert Murdoch assures us that climate change is no big deal:

Dumbledorito said @ 2:00am GMT on 13th Jul
Philip Stoddard, the mayor of South Miami, has a particularly succinct view of the man and his stance. "Rubio is an idiot," says Stoddard.

This guy got elected to any position of power in Florida?

Philip Stoddard is particularly well-placed to judge what is happening to Miami. Tall, thin, with a dry sense of humour, he is a politician, having won two successive elections to be mayor of South Miami, and a scientist, a biology professor at Florida International University.

Scientist and professor? Are they positive he was elected to political office in Florida?
mechavolt said @ 2:20am GMT on 13th Jul
Florida is fucking huge. Like 450 miles huge. It's pretty much made up of a few geographically distinct subcultures, with varying political views. If you want to get really simple, you've got South urban-Hispanic Florida, Central swamp-people Florida, and North pretty-much-Alabama Florida. That's a guarantee of 2/3 batshit crazy, but I'm not surprised that there are pockets of sanity here and there.
shiftace said @ 3:47pm GMT on 13th Jul
I assure you, there are no pockets of sanity anywhere here in Florida.
Dumbledorito said @ 4:27pm GMT on 13th Jul [Score:1 Insightful]
Which likely means, among other things, that the right wingers there will manage to do all of these things at once:

1. Maintain that climate change is a myth.
2. Demand the Federal government be made smaller, if not abolished.
3. Demand that the nation's taxpayers bail them out as all of their property becomes habitat for shrimp.
sanepride said @ 5:18pm GMT on 13th Jul
Yep. Same folks who refuse federally subsidized Medicaid expansion while demanding their federally subsidized homeowner's flood insurance.
HoZay said @ 7:08pm GMT on 13th Jul
4. Blame Obama
Abdul Alhazred said @ 10:10pm GMT on 13th Jul
arrowhen said @ 4:57pm GMT on 13th Jul
Sunrise seemed pretty sane when I lived there a few years ago -- or at least no less sane them any other American suburb.
rhesusmonkey said @ 5:31pm GMT on 13th Jul
Sunrise had high tech (Moto then BlackBerry; General Dynamics, others) so probably a moderating factor of literate, intelligent immigrants. Like Austin vs all of Texas.

And "South Miami" may presumably include South Beach, which is full of affluent folks and retirees (and snow birds), so again, probably a different mentality to folks born and raised in FL.
mechanical contrivance said @ 2:32am GMT on 13th Jul
If south Florida sinks, central Florida will become south Florida.
Dumbledorito said @ 3:03am GMT on 13th Jul [Score:1 Insightful]
"Today in currently South Florida..."
lilmookieesquire said @ 3:36am GMT on 13th Jul
Headlessfriar said @ 4:43am GMT on 13th Jul
satanspenis666 said @ 4:46am GMT on 13th Jul
"If South Florida sinks, where will all the crazy news come from?"

mechanical contrivance said @ 5:30am GMT on 13th Jul
I bet it would be somewhere totally unexpected, like Butan or Mare Tranquillitatis.
arrowhen said @ 6:46pm GMT on 13th Jul
sanepride said @ 7:04pm GMT on 13th Jul
Now there's a scary prospect.
sanepride said @ 9:49pm GMT on 13th Jul
Oh crap, they've won the fucking World Cup.

Next stop, Poland.
_brody_ said @ 8:17am GMT on 13th Jul
This is just a viral marketing campaign

sanepride said @ 5:46pm GMT on 13th Jul
Right, this is sort of what folks like Rick Scott and Marco Rubio are saying.
GreatCthuCthu said @ 2:18pm GMT on 13th Jul
North Florida.

Most of the really crazy stuff comes from central/northern florida anyway.
HoZay said @ 7:15pm GMT on 13th Jul
I guess Dubai doesn't believe in sea level change either:

the universe
Dumbledorito said @ 7:29pm GMT on 13th Jul
It believes in people with too much money and not much in the way of a realistic worldview.
Bob Denver said @ 10:42pm GMT on 13th Jul
They'll just build a wall and create Venice, Dubai-style.
ENZ said @ 10:57pm GMT on 13th Jul
How the hell does a nation that prohibits alcohol have such a vibrant tourism industry?
mechanical contrivance said @ 1:16am GMT on 14th Jul
Bars must be attached to a hotel, but they do exist.
Dumbledorito said @ 1:24am GMT on 14th Jul
Yep, the bars are attached to hotels. You're also forgetting that anywhere in the world, enough money overrides just about any local laws or customs.

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