Friday, 19 June 2015

Some things you should know about Steam

quote [ The information in this article was gathered with the help of the tool Steam Spy that I?ve developed. Steam Spy acts a bit like an automated exit poll ? it queries random user profiles to then extrapolate this data and create a whole picture. This method has its limitations, but it is pretty accurate for owners? data and usage patterns. ]

Games! Data! Interpretations of data!
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foobar said @ 11:14pm GMT on 19th Jun
There's a bit of a hole in the argument. Does it matter if you get ten times as many Russian players if you "Russianize" the price to 10% of normal?
Jack Blue said @ 11:17pm GMT on 19th Jun [Score:1 Underrated]
You score higher in players and get a better spot on lists other buyers buy from?
foobar said @ 12:45am GMT on 20th Jun
Wouldn't a general Steam sale be more effective at that? You don't even need to localize.
arrowhen said @ 2:25am GMT on 20th Jun
Yeah, but you probably don't want to have a sale until after anyone who would be willing to pay more already has. So you sell at regular prices in markets that are willing to spend more while simultaneously bumping your total number of customers up with lower prices in thriftier regions. More players means more word-of-mouth advertising (user reviews, fansites, etc), which can hopefully lead to more full-price sales BEFORE you have to resort to cutting your prices.
foobar said @ 8:03am GMT on 20th Jun
Does it, though? The article gave numbers for those regions that require localization and favouritism in pricing, so presumably reviews and word of mouth in those languages is already accounted for in those numbers. The only thing it would add would be a very small bump in the overall sales, which may prod a few sales in regions that actually pay for the game in full.

Does that pay for the localization? I'm rather skeptical.

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