Tuesday, 16 May 2023

Bees Attack Man and LAPD Volunteer

quote [ The man eventually was able to walk out of the scene as other uniformed people went to treat the man. The uniformed LAPD volunteer was taken to the hospital in stable condition, marking the second person injured in the bee attacks. ]

The bees have started Rebeelion
[SFW] [dystopian violence] [+3 Funny]
[by rylex@8:43pmGMT]


slaytanik said @ 1:43pm GMT on 17th May [Score:2]
dolemite said @ 2:08pm GMT on 23rd May
I have very few actual ambitions in my life. But I am adamant that I do not want the phrase "angry bees" to appear in my obituary.
mechanical contrivance said @ 2:12pm GMT on 23rd May
I thought Angry Bees was the name of your electropop punk band.

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