Wednesday, 21 July 2021

Noticing More: Thomassons

quote [ Thomasson are essentially useless architectural remnants left behind as our cities evolve and expand. At times these Thomasson are oddly well maintained and other times, they are left to deteriorate ]

A new word! and some reading on it + nice photos.

The blog has some moments. Here's washing lines in Italy.
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mechavolt said[1] @ 2:17am GMT on 22nd Jul [Score:3]
Absolutely fascinating. I actually recently made a Thomasson myself. My condo had a second door in the kitchen that exited out to the exact same hallway my main door does, just about 20 feet further down. When I renovated my kitchen, I removed the handle, permanently fixed the deadbolt into place, drilled the door shut into the frame, then drywalled over it on my side and put a wall of cabinetry and my fridge in that space. So now from the hallway there is a completely unopenable door that doesn't even have a handle, and from the inside of the condo, you wouldn't even know the door was there.

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