Thursday, 8 October 2020

How Do You Copyright Clown Make-Up?

quote [ Debbie Smith has her work cut out for her. Since 2010 she has been the artist responsible for recording the likeness of every clown registered with Clowns International, the oldest established organization for clowns in the United Kingdom. ]

There are some oddly specific jobs out there.
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[by snowfox@11:15amGMT]


slaytanik said @ 2:03pm GMT on 8th Oct
Dress for the job you want
zarathustra said @ 3:09pm GMT on 8th Oct
I wonder if there is an orange egg with a blond wig.
slaytanik said @ 6:42am GMT on 9th Oct
Ah you want the presidential clown. Say no more sir

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