Friday, 28 February 2020

Convicted Rapist Harvey Weinstein Hired a 'Prison Consultant' to Help Make Life in Prison Easier

quote [ The thing about being rich is that even if your money can’t keep you out of prison (though generally it will), it can make incarceration a whole lot more pleasant. Take, for instance, Harvey Weinstein, who seems to be preparing for a potential 25-year prison sentence for rape by hiring a “prison consultant.” ]

Damn - he's only 67? I guess being evil AF ages the hell out of a man...
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[by knumbknutz@5:37pmGMT]


ScoobySnacks said @ 8:11pm GMT on 28th Feb [Score:3]
TM said @ 2:53am GMT on 29th Feb
That's cold. You rock!
damnit said @ 3:18am GMT on 29th Feb [Score:1 Informative]
Don't let the crutches fool you. Dude left the courtroom walking upright after the verdict.
mechanical contrivance said @ 5:44pm GMT on 28th Feb
As long as people have money, there will be other people willing to take that money in exchange for goods or services.
yasha said @ 7:19pm GMT on 28th Feb
that stuff always sounded like quackery to me. im pretty sure prison is going to suck, and you can't really do anything to game the system. i'd more bet that going into prison as some high-powered exec who thinks you're special, and who's just paid a bunch of money to get a leg up on everybody else, is probably gonna make prison way, way worse.

i saw some video once where a guy was like "there's three things for getting along in prison: please, thank-you, and excuse me." not that you'd make things nice with all that, but that really, its do pretty much everything that can be done.
zarathustra said @ 8:50pm GMT on 28th Feb
I would guess that part of the help a consultant might offer is in how to keep any special privileges from causing resentment. Most likely by spreading the wealth via gifts to other inmates. He is also probably getting help to make religious claims to qualify for Kosher food to avoid prison slop, get special religious holidays, etc.
snowfox said @ 1:57am GMT on 3rd Mar
A good consultant will show you have you can turn the earpiece of your glasses into an excellent shank. Also what the best commissary recipes are.
hellboy said @ 1:00am GMT on 29th Feb
I wonder what Epstein's prison consultant told him.
Mikhail_16 said @ 5:39am GMT on 29th Feb [Score:1 Funny]
"Sexually assault the biggest meanest guy on day one. Establish dominance, be a Top Dog"
cb361 said @ 7:37am GMT on 29th Feb
You either get busy raping or you get busy dying.
rylex said @ 1:05am GMT on 29th Feb
didn't we see this as a movie plot 5 years ago? with will farrell and kevin hart??
snowfox said @ 1:57am GMT on 3rd Mar

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