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Japan - outside the box

quote [ During tours, children can just leave all their backpacks in the waiting room of the railway station. They don’t need to worry about their things being stolen. ]

Cultural differences in everyday life
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donnie said @ 11:34pm GMT on 2nd Dec
The holographic crosswalk doesn't actually exist... in case that wasn't obvious.
Ankylosaur said @ 11:52pm GMT on 2nd Dec
Being stolen or detonated by the bomb squad.
LurkerAtTheGate said @ 3:21am GMT on 3rd Dec
Vacationed for 2 weeks in Japan last month. Some of the nicest locals of anywhere I've traveled, as long as we made the effort to be polite. Responded with unbridled joy when given what I thought were very minor gifts from our hometown (chocolate, local bourbon). Cleanest cities I'd ever visited...until we got to Osaka, which felt more like home - not filthy, but a bit of litter, cig butts, etc. Also: omfg the food.
Tons of interesting cultural differences, but we were quite ready to come home -- wife and I both around 6ft, and all accommodations seemed scaled towards the tiny elderly japanese people, so we were kind of tired of ducking to get through doorways, accessing sinks, towering threateningly over very nice people, etc.
Alecz said @ 11:59am GMT on 3rd Dec
Went there a couple of years ago, can confirm the cleanliness of the cities. Interestingly, we often had trouble finding a public trash can, because people just generally take their trash home with them. When we asked at the entrance of a hotel where to find one, the door man took our trash bag that we'd collected various snack packages in with a smile and a bow.
lilmookieesquire said @ 4:07pm GMT on 3rd Dec
A lot of people will use conbini trash cans. But since that’s abused a lot, they tend to keep them inside the stores these days. That said, different towns often have different ways to dispose of trash. There’s a lot of separation involved.
eggboy said @ 10:12pm GMT on 3rd Dec
There's bins at every vending machine. I think it's part of the deal that the private vending machine companies have to pick up the rubbish. They're usually recycling bins but sometimes rubbish too.
tom the fish said @ 7:30am GMT on 4th Dec
Tell it to the drunk salarymen who use the alley leading to our house as a trashcan and a place to piss. I almost got in a fight last week with one asshat who got offended that I suggest he use a toilet.
mechanical contrivance said @ 2:39pm GMT on 4th Dec
Put a yellow, plastic chain across the entrance to the alley.
eggboy said @ 4:48am GMT on 4th Dec
A few things that I noticed over there recently:

Everyone is super friendly. Not at all the reserved, racist, and difficult to break into social scene that we're told about.

It's so unbelievably hilly. I'm surprised anyone was able to actually get around back in the pre-tunnel days.

Not being able to smoke outside, but fine to smoke in a restaurant is kinda backwards. The ads telling you that their cigarettes will turn you into an athletic superhero are kinda strange too.

They boast the shittest television in the world, so you may as well get out of the house and wander around.

For such a technologically advanced nation, everything is done with cash, and you get a receipt.

The plastic packaging is insane. I bought a pack of rice crackers. Every cracker was individually wrapped, on a plastic tray, in a plastic packet. Placed in a small plastic bag, which was placed in a larger plastic bag. Shit you not. A single piece of fruit will come wrapped in plastic, and then placed in a plastic bag.

The toilets are way better. Clean as, washing your hands re-fills the cistern, and the built-in bidet needs to be in every dunny in the world.

The fashion is awesome. Here they won't let you into a club if you're not all wearing the same boring style of shirt and shoes as everyone else. Over there someone wearing thousands of dollars worth of tailored suit or a designer dress will hang out with a pastel goth, a chick in a teddy bear outfit, a punk, a geisha, and some anime looking ninja motherfucker. They're friends, and they're all going out for a beer together. People can wear whatever they want and go about their business without being treated like a freak. It's so cool.

The fucken toll roads are brutal. No-one warned me. Jesus Christ.

Maid cafes are weird.

The loli shit is fucked up. I can't even.

They're really into their pocket-pussies. You can buy the t-shirt, or bring the mug to work. This is a pocket-pussy section in the local supermarket, just across from the stationary.

Here's a little display. The little cocksleeve transformer mascot toys are in a band. How cute.
eggboy said @ 4:54am GMT on 4th Dec

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