Monday, 5 August 2019

Gateway Country

quote [ Thinking about the globalization of the computer industry through a tech company so American it prominently promoted its birth on an Iowa farm on its packaging. ]

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[by ScoobySnacks@7:25amGMT]


SnappyNipples said @ 8:01am GMT on 5th Aug
A Gateway full tower could be used as a boat anchor, the insides was as sharp and deadly as a Hellraiser Cenobite.
zarathustra said @ 9:42am GMT on 5th Aug
I have an old dell like that. I think it weighs 30 pounds.
ubie said @ 12:57pm GMT on 5th Aug
All these Tedium articles and other sites like it all end weirdly, are they all bot generated or something?
endopol said @ 6:33pm GMT on 5th Aug [Score:1 Underrated]
He does a decent job of wrapping things up and relating the story to familiar archetypes. I'm sure he uses something of a formula, but how else could he maintain his impressive output of semi-long-form articles on semi-forgotten tech lore?
Ankylosaur said @ 7:05pm GMT on 5th Aug
God bless you, Mr. Ium!
endopol said @ 9:35pm GMT on 5th Aug
Call me Ted, please.

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