random Sensible Endowment tag lines:

It's easy to tell whether a cartoonist is conservative by seeing whether they portray the President as an uppity black man - KingPellinore

every day is a good day for autoerotic asphyxiation - rndmnmbr

you ended up on SE, so the impact on your development is very clear - HPew

why would anyone want to worship someone who leaves stains everywhere he goes? - sacrelicious

we're just searching for lump - mattfish

shetland is teh hawt equine - leswilkerson

nothing hotter than a girl who just says what she wants, or just sticks it in her own ass from time to time. - spite48

that noise is the ladies of SE moistening. - papango

I want it so badly - Wadysseus

there's enough donkey cock to go around - EPT

when nine hundred years old you reach, fap as good you will not - EPT

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