random Sensible Endowment tag lines:

if anyone starts being dirty, I will come and kung fu you - LINGsCARS

priceless. And worthless. - sanepride

you don't need to be valuable to join the botnet - psychotim

In honor of our second anniversary, I've had a prostitute adopted in your name. - steele

time makes paedophiles of us all. - cb361

a real real man would use a sensible erectant - EPT

please line up on the left to receive your complementary oversized dildo and Tamp Pride shirt - psychotim

not bad, but not really good either. It's just sort of there, like Denmark. - PottyMouth

where we help one another out through grope therapy - Navier-Strokes

KA-CHING! rape dollars! - sacrelicious

I did not drink enough red bull for this. - steele

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