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'Hollywood Actor' Says His New Movie Will Hammer Political Correctness and Frustrate Atheist Activists

quote [ Cameron stars in the film which regrounds the Christmas tradition in its Biblical roots and is the first title in a new three-picture deal his CAMFAM Studios has struck with Sony Music Entertainment?s Nashville-based Provident Films. Saving Christmas also marks a re-teaming of Cameron and Samuel Goldwyn, which scored a $33 million hit with Christian audiences on his 2008 film Fireproof. ]

On the one hand, his audience will eat this up. On the other, the clips from it will no doubt be comedy fodder for years to come.

His previous "documentary," called Monumental, gave the Pilgrims the ol' right-wash treatment in 2012.
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[by Dumbledorito@12:59pmGMT]


GordonGuano said @ 2:45pm GMT on 28th Aug [Score:1 Funny]
Saw this at the top of the page:"Cops" crew member killed by friendly fire.

Guy tried to hold up a Wendy's with a pellet gun, things turned out way more tragic than National Lampoon's Vacation led me to believe. While firing 30 bullets, the bacon plugged not only the perp, but one of the guys filming them. And Darwin is appeased for another news cycle.
GordonGuano said @ 1:08pm GMT on 29th Aug [Score:1 WTF]
How not to react when your kid tells you he's gay.

I'm betting there are a couple of people who will buy tickets to this here.
arrowhen said @ 6:34pm GMT on 29th Aug [Score:1 Insightful]
Obviously, that's terrible parenting. On the other hand, the kid had (apparently) 20 years to figure out that his parents were homophobic shitbags. He should have had his stuff packed and a place to stay lined up so that when they reacted in the expected fashion he could have simply gotten up and left with his dignity intact.
GordonGuano said @ 8:52pm GMT on 29th Aug [Score:1 Interesting]
You can hear that he's been using his average-to-slightly-above-average intelligence to manipulate his pitifully ignorant mother for a while now. He may have been expecting this to turn out way better than it did.
Ankylosaur said @ 5:57pm GMT on 29th Aug [Score:1 Funny]
Two points about this movie not yet mentioned:
* The main character is named "Christian White". Presumably his middle name is "Nohomo".
* Cameron's previous movie Monumental tries to justify Christian nationalism by promoting the Pilgrims as the true founders of the US and Plymouth colony an exemplar of how the US should be. The Pilgrims outlawed Christmas because it is not Christian.
Naruki said @ 12:58pm GMT on 30th Aug
They also landed at Plymouth rock because they ran out of beer.

I think that point needs to be hammered home. :-)
HoZay said @ 3:28pm GMT on 30th Aug
God provided them the opportunity to steal some food from the natives.
bobolink said @ 2:04pm GMT on 28th Aug
Mostly I favor Crom, but today is for Ganesha.
HoZay said @ 2:37pm GMT on 28th Aug
There's a sucker born-again every minute.
Tirade said @ 3:21pm GMT on 28th Aug
Well this is gonna fuck up any google searches for my serial.
midden said @ 5:06pm GMT on 28th Aug
I'm not a Christian, or any other kink of theist, but I can certainly appreciate how frustrating it must be to see one of your holiest days turned into a celebration of crass consumerism. The trailer in the link doesn't look all that awful. I can imagine it being done with a reasonable tone, as a simple reminder to those of faith to keep in mind what it's all about.

It's not my thing, but I don't see any need to bash it.
HoZay said @ 5:37pm GMT on 28th Aug [Score:3 Underrated]
There's a market for confirming people's persecution complex. The whole "War on Christmas" rhetoric is a money maker for content providers on the right.

The trailer message is to put christ back in christmas, but don't give up our favorite traditions (pagan tree, winter solstice celebration, santa claus) while blaming someone else for ruining christmas. They want state-sponsored baby jesus/manger displays and feel insulted if somebody says "happy holidays." If Christians want to avoid the commercialization, they should just quit buying stuff for Christmas - after, they are in the majority.
midden said @ 5:07pm GMT on 28th Aug
However, that may well change when the actual movie is out. Trailers, as we all know, can be very deceptive.
mechanical contrivance said @ 5:18pm GMT on 28th Aug
Wait, is this movie about turning Christmas back into a religious holiday or about the War On Christmas (tm)? Is it about getting people back into churches on December 25th or about getting retail employees to say "Merry Christmas" to the customers instead of "Happy Holidays"?
midden said @ 5:23pm GMT on 28th Aug
That's why I said my opinion could change when the movie is actually out. The trailer points to it being about bringing the focus of the holiday back to the story of the birth of the Christian savior. If that's the case, I'm fine with that.

If it's about drumming up anger and indignation about being attacked because you are Christian and take personal offense that not everyone is a person of faith who follows your practices, then no, I'm not ok with that.
bobolink said @ 5:29pm GMT on 28th Aug
The trailer speaks poorly of pagan idols. That can be extrapolated into enough scientific ignorance and religious bigotry to warrant bashing.
Jack Blue said @ 9:54pm GMT on 28th Aug
Jack Blue said @ 9:58pm GMT on 28th Aug
Did not check sandbox. Ass was made of self.
blackpsypher said @ 5:32pm GMT on 28th Aug
Kind of like how 'Dies Natalis Solis Invicti' was usurped by a bunch of heretics?

Yeah, poor Christians.
foobar said @ 7:46pm GMT on 28th Aug
Probably more or less like having your winter solstice celebration repurposed as propaganda for a foreign god of pain and death.
midden said @ 10:12pm GMT on 28th Aug
My family throws Solstice and Equinox parties, but we don't give the Christians a hard time about it.
foobar said @ 10:13pm GMT on 28th Aug
I'll stop giving them a hard time on it when they stop intruding on secular areas.
ENZ said @ 7:47pm GMT on 28th Aug
Right, because these things are always game changers. Remember when Ben Stein made his anti-evolution movie where he whined that nobody in academia takes creationism seriously? At least that was presented as a pseudo-documentary. This just looks like it'll be a bad movie with a "message".
MadMarchHarris said @ 7:40am GMT on 29th Aug
I had successfully forgotten that science-phobic turd of a pseudo-documentary until now. It was so cringe inducing.
foobar said @ 8:02pm GMT on 28th Aug
arrowhen said @ 8:55pm GMT on 28th Aug
(buy tickets to my movie)
Dumbledorito said @ 8:58pm GMT on 28th Aug
I saw another link about this film, and it's got some interesting analysis and all, but someone in the comments figured out what had been bothering me about the poster ol' Kirk put out:
ENZ said @ 9:02pm GMT on 28th Aug [Score:1 Insightful]
Fitting. A movie about a man from a fictional idealized world awkwardly dealing with the realities of ours.
Resurrected Morris said @ 9:17pm GMT on 28th Aug
I wanted to put the Hog back in the Hogmanay but the fucking vegans got all tofu-squirrely
Onix said @ 8:12pm GMT on 30th Aug
Oddly enough, "Fireproof" is on open TV now. If I hadn't read this post, I wouldn't have realized that it is a religiously oriented movie.

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