Wednesday, 28 October 2015

What a Deep Neural Network thinks about your #selfie

quote [ Convolutional Neural Networks are great: they recognize things, places and people in your personal photos, signs, people and lights in self-driving cars, crops, forests and traffic in aerial imagery, various anomalies in medical images and all kinds of other useful things. But once in a while these powerful visual recognition models can also be warped for distraction, fun and amusement. ]

...hang on, gotta make sure I get my good side...
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[by taeyn@8:38pmGMT]


mechavolt said[1] @ 9:59pm GMT on 28th Oct
Interesting that almost all of the ones that the network aggregated are white women that have the tops of their heads cut out of the picture and long straight hair.
taeyn said @ 10:53pm GMT on 28th Oct
I wondered if that was the network itself or a byproduct of the original images chosen as 'best' to teach the network. It might be us who are biased. ;)
cb361 said @ 3:57am GMT on 29th Oct
Nonsense. Everybody knows that machines (and all other non-human intelligences) are unnaturally attracted to white, blonde women, and want to kidnap them for nefarious breeding purposes.

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