Tuesday, 24 January 2023

Why do British people love to abbreviate things? An investy g

quote [ Brb, having a menty b about the cozzie livs x ]

Entertaining stories about UK language.
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dolemite said @ 4:15pm GMT on 25th Jan [Score:1 Interesting]
mechanical contrivance said @ 7:23pm GMT on 24th Jan
I thought it was the Aussies who loved abbreviations.
stv179 said @ 9:12pm GMT on 24th Jan
Soon to meet the acronym masters in the USA ..
arrowhen said @ 4:13pm GMT on 25th Jan [Score:1 Funny]
Soon to meet the AMITUSA.
damnit said @ 3:20am GMT on 25th Jan
They like to abbreviate things and then disowned them when other countries start using it (e.g. Soccer)

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