Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Fish Doorbell

quote [ Are there any fish in the picture? Then press the fish doorbell. ]

Fish need your help to get through the river locks in Utrecht. The lockkeeper can't see when there are fish waiting to get through, but there's an underwater webcam. And a doorbell. Yes, seriously.

(The page is Dutch but Google translate in the extended.)

"Do you see a fish? Ring the bell!
Fish swim every spring from the Vecht, via the Oudegracht and the canals, to the Kromme Rijn. Straight through Utrecht, looking for a place to lay eggs and reproduce. Sometimes they have to wait a long time at the Weerdsluis, because the lock gates do not open often in the spring. We have come up with something for that. There is a camera under water at the lock. You can see the live images below. Are there any fish in the picture? Then press the fish doorbell. The lock keeper is alerted and, if there are many fish, can open the lock. This way you help fish through the canal."
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