Tuesday, 30 July 2019

The Manson Girl Who Got Away

quote [ “Juanita” (not her actual name) was on a road trip from San Jose, California, to Mexico via Phoenix, Arizona. In Mexico she was going to try to reunite with her fiancé, from whom she was estranged. (...) South of San Jose, she stopped to pick up a pregnant-looking hitchhiker who turned out to be accompanied by two men. All three were from the Manson Family. ]

I have been fortunate in my life - when I was down, there were honourable people there to catch me when I fell. I never had to rely on luck, as this woman did. She escaped from Charles Manson, which is pretty impressive, but the part of the story that was the most interesting to me was how she got caught in the first place. The descent into evil is not as clear a path as you might think...
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backSLIDER said @ 3:11pm GMT on 30th Jul
The horror of Manson is that he is charming and doesn't send up many red flags. He is scary because he is a monster in lambs clothes and lambs voice and lambs walk. My sisters have been in relationships that weren't terrible that had more "red flags".
cb361 said @ 3:17pm GMT on 30th Jul
Years ago, I tried to make a documentary about [Manson]. I talked to Sandra Good on the phone. She wanted my address to send me something. I said "N1 1JX'. She asked me to repeat it. I said 'J for Jon, X for what you have carved in your forehead'.

- Jon Ronson

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