Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Tin Soldier

quote [ Metal. Magic. Gods. War. Voodoo. Mood Whiplash. The Beatles. Chocolate Cake. ]

Tin Soldier is an excellent web serial I've been reading for maybe six months now. It recently passed 100 installments and deserves much more attention than it currently has. More info in extended.

It's vaguely 1920-ish, the country is vaguely European, the city is still recovering from a war that they lost, magic is real and has strong ties to voodoo loas, and music from our world is leaking in. The characters are refugees from society and most have something seriously wrong with them.

The setting is unique, the characters deep, the story well plotted, and the drama alternately hilarious and wrenching. Just read the damn thing, and pay attention to Barnaby.

Content warning: broadly PG-13, with heavy themes of mental illness. The first 20 chapters or so center about a child recovering from a traumatic head injury, but things get better so hang in there if it seems too grim.
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Spleentwentythree said @ 6:43pm GMT on 13th Mar
bookmarked, and will take a gander at some point

for others willing to check out a webserial

wandering inn - people from earth end up in rpg setting, main character runs find a abandoned inn and clean it a bit so she can stay there for the night and ends up with the innkeeper class - ongoing

would be teen hero gets talked into infiltrating the bad guys. - finished
JWWargo said @ 7:15pm GMT on 13th Mar
When I read your description for Wandering Inn, I was reminded of the podcast Hello from the Magic Tavern.

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