Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Alabama may allow church to form own police force

quote [ The ACLU is warning Alabama lawmakers a proposed police force for a mega-church could be unconstitutional. ]

What they claim to want is a police department in their immediate location. The way they're going about it is to get legal permission to set up their own police force.
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bbqkink said @ 7:44pm GMT on 12th Apr
Not unusual for a school to have a police force. But the first question I would want to ask...just how many officers were you thinking about?
lilmookieesquire said @ 8:59pm GMT on 12th Apr
No. It will have one policeman that might patrol it. No school has its own police force.
sanepride said @ 9:44pm GMT on 12th Apr
Universities have their own police forces.
Dienes said @ 11:23pm GMT on 12th Apr
Universities in the US do, anyway. Sworn officers with the power to arrest and everything.
sanepride said @ 11:26pm GMT on 12th Apr
Yup, that's what I'm talking about.
the circus said @ 12:23am GMT on 13th Apr
Police forces that answer to an elected official like a mayor, or a police force that answers to, say, the head of a church?
sanepride said @ 12:29am GMT on 13th Apr
Sure, this is a terrible idea, and as the ACLU is suggesting, probably unconstitutional.
But then again, when we have police answering to, say, corporations (as with the recent United Airlines incident) it's not that big a leap.
mechanical contrivance said @ 7:56pm GMT on 12th Apr
Why can't they just hire security guards?
sanepride said @ 9:46pm GMT on 12th Apr
Not Alabama enough.
satanspenis666 said @ 2:07am GMT on 13th Apr
And churches need their own police, because... Jesus & Guns & America!

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