Monday, 20 February 2017

Happy 3 Year Anniversary!!!

Happy Anniversary!!! Traditionally, Third Year is celebrated with gifts of leather, so I'll be looking forward to seeing what y'all send to my inbox. ;) ;)

I just wanted to take this post to say thank you for everything you've all done for the community, the site, and me. Even if you're just a lurker, your continued visitation to the site contributes to a flurry of activity that is keeping this thing alive.

2016, despite the prevalence of the Great Pumpkin, was a reasonably good year for us.

As you can see, we saw decent growth across the board. And though it may have been with some kicking and screaming, we're almost back to what some might consider to be a functioning community, rather than the ghost town the old site had turned into just before the end.

We're currently about where I expected us to be. 2017, I hope, will be the year I'll be rolling out the 4th iteration of the XP system I've been developing behind the scenes as well as things like Karma Decay, monthly subscriber preview days, and the All4One, One4All subscription benefit system.

Subscriptions are still very near and dear to my stomach and our current level is way below the amount I estimated would be necessary when I first took on this task. I've made it work through sheer minimalism, but we're at a point now where I'm afraid I'm going to have be a bit more vocal about looking for subscribers. If you can't afford it, no worries, SE will always be free as long as I can keep it alive, but if you can afford it and would like to contribute towards helping me not starve while I put far more hours into this thing than I should, your help will be appreciated. ;)

Here's to another great year!
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midden said @ 10:28pm GMT on 20th Feb [Score:1 Classy Pr0n]
Many, many thanks, steele. I'll send another giant wad of $20s right away.
steele said @ 10:57pm GMT on 20th Feb
Thank you! That helped me find another bug btw :)
midden said @ 3:24am GMT on 21st Feb
I was impressed by the instant payment receipt notification. Slick!
steele said @ 3:58pm GMT on 21st Feb
It's a decent system when it all works properly ;)
NuncEstBibendum said[1] @ 3:26pm GMT on 21st Feb [Score:1 Classy Pr0n]
Happy Birthday, dear old SE !
Here, take some Silver (just a load of bullets, in case of werewolf apocalypse β€”it's what I can afford).

Thanks, steele.

steele said @ 3:57pm GMT on 21st Feb
Thank you! Every little bit helps! :)
daboo said @ 8:07pm GMT on 20th Feb
Thanks! I appreciate what you do.
Bob Denver said @ 8:12pm GMT on 20th Feb
Thank you, Steele, for creating the garden in which all this can flourish. (Bow)
HoZay said @ 8:12pm GMT on 20th Feb
No, you!
Spyike said @ 8:25pm GMT on 20th Feb
I've been waiting or a couple of things to line up before subscribing, but it's been high on my list for a while. Pretty sure this year, hopefully soon.
Spyike said[1] @ 8:31pm GMT on 20th Feb
And an idea: can we have some kind of community Twitter account? Members who pay a certain amount (maybe any amount?) can pick a twitter feed to subscribe to, and they all show on the front page. I want to say as a mirror to the shoutbox, but that might end up looking crass. Keep it simple. Or something.
steele said @ 9:44pm GMT on 20th Feb [Score:1 Underrated]
That's an idea, but why? That kind of defeats the purpose of the site being a self moderating link sharing community.
cb361 said @ 11:19pm GMT on 20th Feb
It might get the SE groupmindmeld out there and communicating, and possibly increase traffic to your site?
steele said @ 11:23pm GMT on 20th Feb
We already have a twitter account to get SE out there, but that's not really what Spyike is talking about.
arrowhen said @ 11:20pm GMT on 20th Feb
I mean, personally I can see some entertainment value in dredging the depths of Twitter looking for increasingly annoying/spammy/borderline-illegal feeds to troll the community with until you finally get fed up with all the complaints and just shut the damn thing off, but it's not like I'd pay extra for it. :D
Spyike said @ 9:04pm GMT on 21st Feb
I suppose I saw it as a supplementary bit of always updating content, but quite different from people shairing links and having discussions, which requires a certain amount of slowness and stability. Things that fly through the twitter window (jesus christ, yes I realise how unbelievably ridiculous that sounds) would only be there for a short amount of time, so for any real discussion someone would still need to make a post. But an irreverrent one-liner, or porn performer posting stills from their latest film, can be entertaining in a quick sort of way. Plus it would be interesting to see what accounts other people choose to follow. Sort of like a mental sussurrus of SE's Jungian subconscious. HAHA MARKETING WANK.

No one else is going for it, so maybe it's a terrible idea, but I dunno. Much like the rest of the internet, bits of Twitter are okay?
midden said @ 4:06am GMT on 21st Feb
It's too bad RSS has died out. That might have been a nice option for "following" SE.
steele said[1] @ 3:59pm GMT on 21st Feb
We do have an rss, I was using it for some of my IFTTT recipes. Unfortunately IFTTT is incredibly unreliable with rss.
midden said @ 4:43pm GMT on 21st Feb
Cool. It's been awhile since I used RSS myself. Maybe I should look into it again. I remember reading about IFTTT, but have never used it. A few minutes of googling makes me wonder if I can use it to open the garage by saying, "Open the pod bay doors, Hal."
Jodan said @ 8:34pm GMT on 20th Feb
Thank you Steel!
EvilNinjaX24 said @ 9:14pm GMT on 20th Feb
Yay! Let's celebrate with cake.
Nikan said @ 9:49pm GMT on 20th Feb
Happy SE Day everyone! and Thank You Steel!
nitromaniac said @ 6:26am GMT on 21st Feb
I'm really happy that this site kept going. I don't post any new posts, but I sure like commenting.

Also, thanks to whomever got me the planetary classes set as a secret santa gift - they rule!

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