Saturday, 26 November 2022

Why the worst recipes imaginable are blowing up on TikTok

quote [ “I get compared to a car crash or a train wreck a lot, where people can’t look away.” ]

Making tik tok content just to get A deal
[SFW] [food & drink] [+2]
[by ScoobySnacks@6:02amGMT]


mechanical contrivance said @ 7:58pm GMT on 26th Nov
The Tang pie I made years ago was good, I think. I can't eat it, though, because of all the dairy.
Hugh E. said @ 7:46am GMT on 27th Nov
There are two choices, and only two

A video of you wasting food for attention


A video of you giving away food for attention (while, of course, using the needy as pathos props)

Those are the only two choices

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