Thursday, 3 November 2022

Teflon releases up to 9100 plastic particles from a single scratch study shows

quote [ And at a micro scale, their Raman imaging and an algorithm model have identified the release of 2.3 million microplastics and nanoplastics from broken coating.  ]

I've almost entirely eliminated Teflon from my life, this definitely seals the deal.
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Wulf said @ 11:56pm GMT on 3rd Nov
I'm getting there pretty quick. I'm outside Chicago and there was an article about how they were taking sewage sludge and giving/selling to farmers to fertilize fields. They went on to say how the sludge is contaminated with PFAS and because it is spread to fields it then migrates into the crops that are grown there and the water runoff can then carry them into groundwater sources. Plus almost all of our teflon is real scratched so I think about this all the time.

What do you recommend for cookware and non-stick cooking methods? I've got one stainless or aluminum pot that I'm getting used to, it heats real fucking fast and scorches but works good beyond that. I do have cast iron which is good for most things but eggs. Do you cook everything with butter/oil to prevent sticking?
ooo[......7 said[3] @ 10:00am GMT on 4th Nov [Score:1 Hot Pr0n]
Maybe you are aware of this, and maybe you aren't,

The question isn't whether or not you can stop the food from sticking, the question is what you can do once it is stuck.

When you're cooking something that involves a liquidy sauce no matter how light, and it starts to stick real bad, pour in 1 to 2 oz of water to a very hot pan. If you then take a wooden spoon and scrape all of the delicious cooked food off of the pan as the water releases it, you're going to put that deliciousness back into your meal.

All you have to do is scrape the food to release it and then cook it until the water evaporates.
Make sure it's a really hot pan, unless you want to make soup.

I do most of my cooking in a cast iron skillet, I don't even season the sumbitch.
mechanical contrivance said @ 3:01am GMT on 4th Nov
I mostly use stainless steel. I just use a little canola or soybean oil unless the thing I'm cooking is already oily.
stv179 said @ 7:04am GMT on 4th Nov
Seems my family has high non-sticking requirements - there's no usage of the Teflon pan without additional oil ..

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