Saturday, 1 October 2022

Modules, Magnets, and Much More: The MiRage Mk3!

quote [ I'm building the ultimate hackable mechanical keyboard, and the printed circuit boards have reached their final form! Last time, I reimagined the design but introduced tons of design flaws. Today, I don't just fix them - I double down. I designed and assembled SIX prototype circuit boards for this episode. Help.

This is (hopefully) the first hotswap Choc AND MX board, with south-facing RGB LEDs and massively more. The MiRage's halves are now totally independent, meaning infinite flexibility in size and shape. Magnetic pogo pin connectors let you instantly reconfigure, and detachable modules let you add knobs, sliders, and displays to your keyboard. There's far more to come. ]

More DIY keyboard stuff from Voidstar Labs. I only understand a little over half of it, but it's pretty and shiny.
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moriati said @ 9:21am GMT on 2nd Oct
I'm still waiting for my Optimus ...
steele said @ 9:09pm GMT on 2nd Oct [Score:1 Interesting]
Have you seen the Poly Keyboard?

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