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Don't Hex the Water- Advice on "best" e-mail/Web server software?

quote [ pls no feed the kraken(more nonsense below)I recently had a chat to Moid of Media Death Cult about sci-fi and it was big fun: ]

An antidote for an AskSE.

Was thinking of using up some of my spare bandwidth that's going to waste each month.

Would like some pointers on "best" software to host an e-mail server and a Web portal for "cloud" access off an old potato?

Any suggestion?
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Paracetamol said @ 5:12pm GMT on 29th Aug [Score:1 Insightful]
no expierence in self hosting mails, but had good experience with Nextcloud as a Dropbox replacement (if a little bloated), Jirafeau as a WeTransfer replacement and Baïkal as a calendar/reminder server.
Mikhail_16 said @ 5:54pm GMT on 31st Aug
Unless you got enterprise levels of experience with security, power, and server maintenance don't self-host emails. File server of some sorts is probably fine and comment above me gives out solid options.

Also, your bandwidth doesn't go to 'waste' it's not a perishable resource. We pay for bandwidth top cap to be able to use it when needed and if we don't use it, then we don't need it.
Paracetamol said @ 8:12pm GMT on 7th Sep
this is kind of relevant:

After self-hosting my email for twenty-three years I have thrown in the towel | Hacker News

still a good idea to own your mail at least via your ISP/domain, because

Your online identity is owned by your email provider

Your email provider owns your online identity by controlling your email address. You can’t port your email address to another provider as with phone numbers.

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