Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Reconsidering Rotoscoped Animation for its Second Century

quote [ I was reading a book at a coffee shop once, years ago – maybe an old edition of John Krasner’s Motion Graphic Design and Fine Art Animation? – that compared attempting hand-rotoscoping a feature film to serving a prison sentence. Having now served seven years at just that (ten if you count the short films), doing hard time shackled to a Wacom tablet, I think that is a pretty fair assessment of the kind of man-hours involved ]

Good article discussing the second wave of rotoscoping for the late 70s fantasy wave (pictured above) to current instances.
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[by Paracetamol@6:08amGMT]


lilmookieesquire said @ 2:43am GMT on 25th Nov [Score:1 Interesting]
Paracetamol said @ 8:15am GMT on 25th Nov
It also says so in the article somewhere, that you can use this assisted stuff. There used to be line-based morph tools for Flash and SVGs for similar transition help. Can't remember them though.
the circus said @ 11:29pm GMT on 24th Nov
Paracetamol said @ 8:12am GMT on 25th Nov
Very metal.
damnit said @ 1:14am GMT on 25th Nov
Rotoscoping is something that you can now do with machine learning/AI. Still needs the human eye, though
Silent said @ 5:04pm GMT on 26th Nov
I made a very brief animation using rotoscoping.
It took me a day and a half, I have no regrets.

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