Saturday, 6 November 2021

All the Vegetation in Pixar’s “Brave” Changed, When One Software Engineer Got a New Phone Number

quote [ creating panic in a handful of teams for about half a day. ]

Interesting story from a Spanish demoscene genius turned Hollywood asset. Note his nice opinions on patenting and a great intro into generative math.
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Hugh E. said @ 2:32am GMT on 7th Nov [Score:3 Underrated]
Is that the whole of the article? What's going on here? That website design is too "clever" for its own good. Is this just a HOLO / Stream ad? Is HOLO / Stream just basically ads? This whole experience has basically just irritated me. Why did you do this?
Paracetamol said[1] @ 8:39am GMT on 7th Nov
5th Earth said @ 12:47am GMT on 8th Nov [Score:1 Underrated]
The "article" is literally half of a sentence, copied from a tweet, and some confusingly presented context links. This is some of the worst web design I've seen in my life. Geocities was better than this.
5th Earth said @ 12:41am GMT on 8th Nov
This strikes me as a cute but really, really dumb idea. Why did changing his phone number result in changes to the output of the code? Either he had it somehow dynamically linked to an external database (unnecessary and just begging to get broken) or he changed it manually, himself, after his phone was changed, which he should have known would change the foliage, creating continuity errors. I would rip this guy a new asshole.

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