Monday, 8 March 2021

The Communist Designer, the Fascist Furniture Dealer, and the Politics of Design

quote [ They say that the personal is political, and that certainly applies to design at all stages of its production and consumption. ]

I hate how they cram in every product design anecdote to make it a longread. But it's still an interesting essay.
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yunnaf said @ 5:33pm GMT on 8th Mar
I was always baffled how every Italian film was supposed to have political statements esp communist or fascist. Well I don't even know what capitalism, communism or fascism are.

This article is the closest explanation for me, how to see politics in our everyday life in the design of common objects (furniture, etc) and that mystery of how politics enters the movies, literature and news.

Trump's popularity is due in part to his "authenticity", the fad of the day.
NuncEstBibendum said @ 6:45pm GMT on 13th Mar
+1 Enzo Mari

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