Sunday, 28 February 2021

Turn On The Subtitles

quote [ As soon as they can decode basic phonemes they will see a benefit. However, the real benefit starts when a child is a sufficiently competent reader that decoding is done subconsciously. In the UK and US this tends to be around the age of six to seven. The challenge is then about speed, vocabulary, confidence and comprehension. Same Language Subtitles has been proven to be remarkably effective at improving these skills. ]

Subtitles also allow me to keep up with my stories over the sounds of my crunching snacks.
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[by steele@3:44pmGMT]


Naruki said @ 2:51am GMT on 1st Mar
It gets really weird when the dialogue and subtitles are both in English, but differ from each other. Sometimes widely.
mechanical contrivance said @ 2:24pm GMT on 1st Mar
Makes sense.
maximumtodd said @ 12:39am GMT on 2nd Mar
Great way to learn another language. the Dutch don't seem to dub anything, just subtitle it.

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