Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Ian's Shoelace Site – Introduction

quote [ Fashion conscious shoe enthusiasts looking for creative lacing methods. ]

Oh, to be on the safe side! Quote via “So who are all these visitors?

Apparently, a Hacker News article made this more popular last year. Thumb via unbalanced Granny Knot analysis.
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[by Paracetamol@8:12pmGMT]


satanspenis666 said @ 5:36am GMT on 14th Jan [Score:1 Underrated]
This site is really great and should be reposted.
Paracetamol said @ 5:50am GMT on 14th Jan
Fuck, just using the search would've prevened that embarassment. It's like the second time I'm accidentally reposting but nobody votes me down. You're being to easy on me!
steele said[1] @ 11:58am GMT on 14th Jan [Score:1 Hot Pr0n]

I don't have a pitchfork or torch emoji! This is angry mob erasure!
mechavolt said[1] @ 9:45pm GMT on 13th Jan
Oh man, I love this guy. His knot, the Ian Knot, holds the world record for fastest tie. And as an added bonus, it is symmetrical and holds tension very well, and also releases very easily. I'm a total convert.
takajou said @ 11:25pm GMT on 13th Jan
Heh, I just used this site two weeks ago to figure out how to repair the aglets on my hoodie.

Aglets being the little metal or plastic bits at the end of a shoelace or drawstring.
5th Earth said @ 12:30am GMT on 14th Jan
I feel like this is the site everybody knows and everybody thinks nobody knows.
donnie said @ 3:23am GMT on 14th Jan
Well, if everybody knows, then plenty fail the exam. Granny knots are like weeds - they're everywhere.

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