Thursday, 8 October 2020

The Rise and Fall of Vanilla Ice, As Told by Vanilla Ice

quote [ In 1990, there was no star bigger than the man born Robert Van Winkle. But just as quickly as he became the bestselling rapper the world had ever seen, he became a pariah. Now, 30 years after “Ice Ice Baby,” he’s ready to talk about it all—and it may change how you feel about him. ]

Comin' straight from the heart of vanilla i-c-e
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Space_1889 said[2] @ 2:02am GMT on 9th Oct
It's not often an article makes you re-evaluate an artist, but this one did. Who knew that Vanilla Ice was actually authentic and tuned into early hip-hop culture? One wonders what his career would have been like if he had signed with Def Jam as he was offered and intended to do.

I also remember watching the "In Living Color" parody done by Jim Carey live on broadcast TV (yes, I am that old) - just like everyone else, I went from fan to hater immediately.

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