Tuesday, 18 August 2020

New Oculus Users Required to Use Facebook Account Starting in October, Existing Users by 2023

quote [ As Oculus becomes increasingly merged with parent company Facebook, new users will soon be required to sign into their headset with a Facebook account. Existing users will be able to use their separate Oculus accounts until the end of 2022, after which “full functionality will require a Facebook account.” Facebook says the changes are being made to make it easier for users to find and play with friends in VR and to enhance moderation. ]

lmao, imagine being one of the suckers that didn't see this coming the day they announced the sale.

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[by steele@10:53pmGMT]


HoZay said @ 6:07am GMT on 19th Aug
It's totally for your convenience and enhancement of ux.
cb361 said[1] @ 8:29am GMT on 19th Aug
Any small independent business that is likely to dominate a new sector will nearly always be acquired by a existing business with deep pockets. In retrospect this was inevitable. I feel naive for not predicting it when Oculus was founded.
steele said @ 12:10pm GMT on 19th Aug
Yeah, but it didn't have to be facebook. And if VR fans had boycotted facebook's VR offerings, instead of pretending that fb's business model wasn't at supervillian levels of "evil", things could have been different. It may have taken us longer to get VR to the technical level where we're at, but we'd have a much more safer, diverse, and open ecosystem available to us. The VR community basically sacrificed the future of VR in exchange for cheaper headsets and a slightly quicker journey on the rise of the adoption curve.

Who knows, maybe it's not too late. There's a lot of ire on /r/oculus with people talking about moving to valve indexes and reverb g2s. If enough people abandon the oculus ship they might be able to hamper facebook's growth, but I think it may be too late. Too many people don't get the threat.
dolemite said @ 6:15pm GMT on 19th Aug
I wonder what Facebook will do with all the data it collects from people's VR porn sessions...
steele said @ 6:31pm GMT on 19th Aug
Well they definitely won't use a person's uncontrollable preferences to manipulate them, if that's what you're thinking!
dolemite said @ 9:54pm GMT on 22nd Aug
That's good to hear! I was worried.
zenviper said @ 12:25am GMT on 20th Aug
F Facebook. A shame to lose them on this, but there are a ton of great alternatives out there with more popping up frequently.

I am happy for now with my index.
SnappyNipples said @ 3:12am GMT on 20th Aug
I have an oculus go 128gb...guess I'll be looking how to jail break it, its a god damn android after all.
SnappyNipples said[1] @ 3:36am GMT on 20th Aug
I don't mind my VIVE is attached to Steam, Steam is really good for VR. BUTT I think the better VR would be like a laptop, totally autonomous leaving you to decide who you want to hook up too to supply your content.

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